the happiness project - 2011

hello lovelies! 

this morning when i came into work a lovely coworker of mine was kind enough to share her wonderful chocolates with me that she received from her secret santa.  they were the fabulous dove kind as well so there was no way i was passing those up.  my favorite part is the fun little message inside...

and what a lovely message it was ♥ many of you have asked about my little happiness project...if you missed my original post click here.  i finally have my outline ready to share with all of you...so here it is :)

my happiness project for 2011

january - boost energy and get organized
     - enough of the clutter - lets get rid of it
     - get moving - it's time to exercise
     - procrastination is not the answer

february - make our house a home
     - like i said procrastination is not the answer - lets get painting/remodeling
     - only fill our home with things we really love
     - clean up clean up - as much as i hate it, it really is necessary

march - remember love
     - give proofs of love - it will always be noticed
     - show appreciation - no amount is too little
     - express yourself - if you don't no one will know how you feel

april - aim higher
     - never settle - doing so will not get you to where you want to be
     - ask for help - you don't always have to do everything yourself
     - think outside of the box - when you do, amazing things happen

may - have fun, laugh often
     - don't take life too seriously - when you do you miss out on all the fun
     - let loose - do something unexpected
     - pass it on - make a complete stranger smile, laugh and have fun

june - make time
     - for myself - there is no need to get burned out
     - for friends and family - let them know how much they mean
     - for more fun - life isn't always about work

july - buy some happiness
     - buy needful things - sometimes money can buy happiness
     - spread the love - purchase something for someone else's happiness
     - give something up - sometimes the things that make you happy also make you unhappy

august - find my inner peace
     - learn the proper way to meditate - and have fun doing it
     - educate myself on spirituality
     - take notes from the wise - read the words of the dalai lama

september - pursue a passion
     - learn how to do something new
     - get better at something i already love to do
     - help someone else pursue their passion

october - keep a positive attitude
     - keep things simple
     - create an inspiration journal - a place for all happy things
     - don't speak negatively - doing so will help me not to think negatively as well

november - make it count
     - live for today - sometimes worrying about the future is distracting
     - accept your mistakes and learn from them
     - turn a dream into a reality - this is your chance

december - party it up
     - surround yourself with those you love
     - celebrate life
     - reflect on your 12 month quest for happiness - do it again for 2012!
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

so there it is!!  i will be documenting my experiences each month and will share my journey to happiness with you all.  each month i will tackle a new focus, but at the same time i will keep up with all of my goals from months prior.  i am super excited for this project and  i encourage each of you to take part and create your own happiness project for 2011.  whether you want to share with all of us or not...all that matters is that you do it for you :) remember there are no rules! create your list however you wish...maybe you have 1 thing you want to focus on all year...maybe you have 20...just have fun and enjoy the ride.

everyone deserves to be happy...sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction and a little motivation :) 

xoxo - lindsay

p.s. a happiness project button is coming soon, this will be ready by the end of december. 
p.s.s. let me know if you decide to document your project publicly.  i will be creating a page dedicated to all those that take on this challenge!!


  1. I love this- it's really well outlined!
    I think I'm going to join you in my own little way on the meri-go-round.


  2. oooo I'm so ready for the Happiness Project to start.. I will definetely be doing my best to participate - nothing better than starting your first year of marriage with complete/mostly complete happiness.

    cheers to happinesss and all that is to come from this!! I can't wait!

  3. Love Love Love the project you are doing. It's brilliant! I can't wait to hear about all your journeys each month! ;)

  4. I love all your happiness goals! I feel like those are all the things I need to do also to be a happier person, though I have no idea if I can be so ambitious in working towards so many goals--I'll definitely try to come up with some happiness goals of my own though :)

  5. that's is an awesome idea and i really like the goals you've set for this coming year. i want to join in too! :)

  6. This is an amazing idea! I love your outline!!

  7. I could definitely be down for this challenge--what an incredible outline and a fantastic idea :) kudos to you! keep us posted...you're definitely keeping us inspired! xoxo {av}

  8. yayy i love this!! i'm excited :))

  9. What a fantastic idea- I am totally doing it with you!

  10. YAY!!! Can't wait :) Totally doing this of course!

  11. I am definately doing this! I was trying to think of a way to make 2011 special :) Thank you for sharing this my love! I'm going to start writing my plan now :D

  12. I love this! I want to go get that book right now and do this! I am in dire need of getting my life on track and making it happier. Good luck! Can't wait to see where this takes you!

  13. I LOVE the inspiration journal. I think I may start one of my own. You are an inspiration, girl. I am so happy you shared this with us!

  14. Wow...what a wonderful idea! That is such a beautiful plan for 2011 and I know that following something like that will make your happier. I especially love your plan to laugh often, probably because I laugh at everything!

  15. Hey girl,
    I'm doing a Christmas card swap at my blog and would love to have you join in :)


  16. wow, i love your post! lately i've been trying to 'find myself' and this project would be a great way to sort out my priorities while working on becoming the person i want to be - without being overwhelmed. i'd love to do this project also (and make it public). please let me know if you decide to create a page for it.

  17. Aww this is such a cute list! I now have to make one like this. :P And I will share, for sure!

    PS: I love those dove chocolates with the sweet messages! Seriously makes my day :)


  18. this is great. make our house a home totally resonates with me - not that i haven't done some of that - but i still have like NOTHING on the walls. it's not right.

  19. love the idea! I will be tuning in to see the little things that bring you happiness!

  20. Great planning and thought put into this! Good luck with everything. You will do it all...I love this kind of thing, I need to make one for myself...ps dove candies are fantastic!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  21. oooh how exciting!!! I should make one of those! But to be honest, I don't have much...im not married, don't own a home, etc. lol I wish I had all that!!! But I can't wait to read all these posts :)

  22. Hello, I found your blog via Donna @ Write now, Write later. I liked a lot about what you said about her poetry and how writing was a distant passion of yours. I love to write. In fact, my whole blog is about writing.

    Anyway, this plan for 2011 is such a great idea. It's nice that you have chosen things to focus on for each month. That kind of break down should make it easy for you to really work on things without overstretching yourself. I think I would like to do something similar. I'm now following so I can keep updated and read more. Looking forward to it actually. :)

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  23. I LOVED this list! It was just so darn inspiring reading it - I do believe I'll make some sort of list of my own. I love how you took the time to pick something different to really focus on each month. That's a great idea.
    I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading more from you!


  24. I started something like this last night because I was inspired by you. It's simpler though. I chose things like, write more this month, read everyday this month, compliment someone everyday this month, or talk to new people more this month. Thanks for inspiring this.

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  25. i have been so off this week! updated my own blog, but couldn't seem to find time to visit any other's. so much to do and Christmas starts next Friday for us. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! i am just trying to catch up on the blogs tonight. it was wonderful to see you, even for a short time, today. love's!