the happiness project - coming in 2011

i have recently become inspired by a book that i am reading called the happiness project by gretchen rubin i highly recommend you take a look at this one if you haven't already! gretchen writes about the year she dedicated a year to her happiness. each month she tackles a new set of resolutions (give proofs of love, ask for help, find more fun, keep a gratitude notebook, forget about the results etc.) this book really puts things into perspective for me and helped me realize how important it is to do things that make you happy. i would like to think that i am a pretty happy person in general, but i think i could do so much more to be even happier...how great would that be?

okay, so now the reason for this post. with the new year quickly approaching i think it would be a great opportunity to create my very own happiness project for 2011 and i invite you to participate as well (and if you are so inclined, document it on your blog and get others involved). i plan to focus on one particular topic each month to help me keep things organized and to really be dedicated. i will also blog a few times a month to keep you updated on the journey.

i wanted to introduce this project early so that any that would like to participate have the opportunity to figure out what things they want to focus on for their happiness project for 2011 :) i will share my happiness project outline with you all in a few weeks and will create a cute little blog button as well.

thank you for reading ♥

xo lindsay


  1. ohh i love this!!! i am so on board. i am going to get this book for sure.

    this is so exciting! it's made me happier already just with this one post :)

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  3. this sounds like a wonderful way of keeping the smiles where they should be..

    definetely will be participating in this!

    so glad you found my blog so i could find yours..


  4. ohhh, i absolutely LOVE this :) i am totally joining in :)
    happiness itself seems to be the theme of the month.
    i've got to look up this book!

  5. I want to join in too! I'm going to stop by the bookstore to see if i can find this book.

  6. That sounds delightful :) I'd love to participate! I'm excited to see your monthly topics...just a few weeks away!