a fun childhood memory

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i always wanted to be a bird when i was little (actually i still would).  i thought it would be so wonderful to fly in the sky and travel wherever i wanted.  obviously i did not have these amazing capabilities or talents so i opted for a swing instead.

with my hair blowing wildly and the wind brushing across my face i imagined that i was in a different place flying free with no one stopping me.  my favorite part was the jump.  i would push myself up on that swing as high as i could go and make that giant leap...gliding through the air in free flight just like a bird.  it was my happy place.

i think back to these times and wonder why i ever stopped.  why is it that the things that used to make us so happy suddenly disappear and become nothing but a distant memory?  i have learned how important it is to not allow the day to day monotony overshadow the things that are meaningful to our happiness...even if this means taking a trip to the school playground and acting like a child again.  it may be foolish and silly, but at least i'll be smiling ♥

have a happy day lovelies :)


  1. i might go find a playground right now! my favorite when i was young was the tire swing - at recess we had designated "pushers", who could push us so very high. i loved it.

  2. I say find that playground and dream away. I just found your blog and I love it!

  3. Aw, this totally made me smile! I loved to go on a swing when I was young too. Yes, because I couldn't fly (high five!). I would rock myself back and forth until I was almost parallel to the ground (yeah, that high) and I would jump. And pretend I was flying. Haha! Thanks for bringing me back to the good times! :D


  4. oh you gave me a sweet nostalgic feeling while reading this...thanks for a great read (as always:) And btw, as a kid the dreams where i'd fly were my favorite!...i hope i have one tonight!

    AND fantastic photos! You always have the best eye-candy on your blog :)

  5. so cute! i loved the swing as a child (well still do)! I still remember the sweet monsoon memories bangladesh back in bangand the swing on the mango tree...ahhh memories!

  6. so lovely!!!!

    I follow you! Follow me back!!



  7. I love swings. We have a beautiful swing handing from our Autumn tree. It takes you to magical places.

  8. when I was in Texas in September, my friend went for a run in a Houston park and I, not a runner, wandered around & stumbled upon an old swingset! I swung for probably 45 minutes straight - loving that semi-naseous feeling just at the top before coming back down, and the air rushing by. I swung for so long that I got blisters on my hands! Glorious.

  9. I just love this post!! oh your blog... so happy I found your lovely blog!

  10. Oh how I loved to swing! My Uncle worked for a school when I was really small and they offered him one of those giant school swings where there's 4 seats. As a kid I grew up with an actual school swingset in our backyard. We would always jump to see who go land the furthest, underdogs.. I miss that...

    PS - thanks for the memory. I haven't thought of that in so long!