be yourself.

image found on we♥it edited by me

i can't remember the exact day...but it was not too long ago.  the day i started to love myself.  i realized my imperfections were special and unlike any others.  i was finally able to tell myself that i was beautiful and believe it. 

today i challenge all of you to do the same.  once you discover the love you have for you, your heart will be smiling forever and always.

be yourself.  everyone else is already taken.

xoxo - lindsay


  1. i love this post :) its definately a huge challenge for me but trying to love a little more each day!x

  2. what a freeing, gorgeous thought. i just love this. perfect for friday morning. :) i can always count on you for the perfect words and inspiration.

  3. The fact that you can do this at your age is such a wonderful accomplishment! This is the single most important thing we as women have to overcome I think, took me a l.o.t. longer than it did you but it's so worth it! You put it so beautifully too, as always!

    <3 Donna

  4. it's so true my dear!

    plus, i wouldn't want you to be anyone or anyway else!!! my friend is the girl you are now :) so DON'T CHANGE :)

    hope you have a great friday and a great relaxing weekend ahead!

  5. This is so awesome! I too, remember the day (well it wasn't a specific day, but a time period) where I started loving me for me. It really is freeing. When you try to be someone else or what other people want you to be, it gets really old and tiring. But being yourself also liberates your creativity. I'm so happy I found your blog, my friend. You are beautiful.

  6. I can't tell you how much I love this. It's so true. First and foremost, you gotta love yourself. Plus I think being yourself is the best you you can be. <3

  7. i couldn't agree more darling!
    "you gotta be kind to yourself" is one of my favorite lines from a She&Him song.

    thanks for your inspiring photo and post!

    happy friday gorgeous!

  8. Plus, if you hide who you are, no one gets to see it! And that would be a shame.
    Nice message to put out there :)

  9. This was definitely the post for me to read today :)