what's in your makeup case?

so today i thought i would do something a little fun and different and share with you some of my favorite things in my makeup case. first off, if you are looking for a cute makeup case that is easy to transport and has plenty of space i highly recommend a samsonite train case (preferrably the older ones because they are so so cute!). i found this one at a local thrift store for $3...amazing! also when you add a little picture of an owl on the inside it makes it super super adorable ♥

aside from makeup i also store all of my hair products in this pretty little blue case. i never used to really use hair products until i cut my hair short so now i absolutely love to use them!

i love my paul mitchell super skinny serum (this keeps all of the flyaways from happening). i also use aveda leave in conditioner, bed head paste and bed head- hard head hair spray. these all have become a must in my every day styling.

my favorite make up to use by far is bare escentuals. i first starting using this product a few years ago when i came across a free standing store for this product in the mall of america. i was a little hesitant to use it at first because i thought it would not cover very well, but i was very very wrong. this product has done absolute wonders for my skin and i would highly recommend it to anyone! they always have such great package deals which include eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and brushes...don't even get me started on the brushes (they are simply amazing).

i recently came across a new brand called urban decay which is all kinds of wonderful. i particularly like their eyeshadow pallets. their waterproof mascara and eyeliner is completely and totally fabulous...i will never use anything else!

so what's in your makeup case? i would love to know!!!

xo lindsay


  1. Oh heavens bare escentuals is my weakness along with MAC. I use everything bare escentuals except for lipstick, some eye shadows {because MAC has some glorious items} and mascara! Love this post!

  2. okay super skinny serum is the best! for some reason i dont' get as many flyaways anymore, and i'm convinced its because my hair permanently absorbed its amazingness.

    and urban decay eyeshadows are soo pretty. i love how they shimmery without being over the top and too sparkly.

    your makeup carrier is adorable!

  3. bare minerals is amazing. It makes my skin not break out! I also love urban decay. I don't have any but my sister does and it's awesome!!

  4. Oh, you are after my own heart! I've been scouring for a make-up case to no avail. I'm going to have to hit up some thrift stores ASAP. I, like you, am in LOVE with anything bedhead, bareMinerals or Urban Decay eye make-ep. Though as soon as my static spray from bedhead is used up, I'm going to try Paul Mitchell's serum. :D

  5. what a fabulous idea! i used to store my makeup in my caboodles jewelry case...not quite as cool as your fabulous train case:)

    My favorite makeup essential is my MAC blush in the shade Frankly Scarlett. I first bought it when I saw that Rachel McAdams loved it and had it in her makeup bag (this was right after The Notebook came out and she was pretty much my style icon). I have had the thing for SIX YEARS. SIX YEARS I TELL YOU! I realize that is much too long and it probably harbors all kinds of cooties, but the stuff has lasted an amazing time. I haven't even scratched the surface of the pigment and I wear it every.single.day.:)

  6. i love bare escentuals!! i used them for a long time. i realized their brushes were making me break out so i stopped using those. but then i came across a brand called Benefit. Look it up! Their "hello flawless" is what made me switch over to them from B.E. not to mention their packaging is awesome and cute.

  7. TRAIN CASE!!!!!! need. one. NOW. imperative!!!!!

    clever, just so darn clever. and little soft-eyed owlie kinda perched there checking out all the action, that's the good stuff.

    girl, my favorite thing is Josie Maran cosmetics, i wrote a post about it a while back here, it's seriously like a miracle. ♥