the suitcase for life - part lll

"kindness is a language which deaf can hear and the blind can see." - mark twain

to me kindness is one of the most important character traits that one can have. with kindness you can brighten up someones day at the drop of a hat...this is why kindness is in my suitcase for life.

there are so many opportunities on any given day to show an act of kindness. whether it's a family member, friend or stranger. the best thing is, kindness is free...most importantly it is contagious. if there is any chance that my act of kindness can influence others to pass the kindness around, then i know i have achieved something truly beautiful!

have you thought about the things in your suitcase for life? feel free to join in on this series.

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goodbye for now lovelies ♥
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  1. Love Love Love this post. Especially the saying referenced in the picture. Love the buttons you have. I'm going to have to snag one! {I have yet to figure out how to make one, ha!}

  2. Love the current listening choice! Amazing song!
    I recently had a job interview and the interviewer asked me what I would do if a guest gave me a hard time? I told her I'd "kill them with kindness". Kindness can take you so far. Great post love!

  3. Kindness should be in everyone's "suitcase for life". Love you, sweetie!

  4. i love this thought! i'll have to think about what goes in my suitcase :) thanks for the inspiration

  5. Gorgeous post....I'm very kind! until someone steps on my toes....and even still sometimes i am:) this week "Giving" is in my bag....I just handed the peeping neighbors some homemade fudge....!:) enjoy the week

  6. I just posted my first one!!! :D

  7. thank you for this post.. more blessings to you!