a day in my shoes...

unfortunately a day in my shoes is not all too interesting, but i thought i would share a little bit about a day in the life of me!

i have always been an early bird and generally start my day around 6:00 in the morning. i try my hardest to eat some breakfast and spend a little time reading the newest blog posts of the lovelies that i follow :) i get ready for a day at work and spend some time with my cute little animals and matthew of course and then off to work i go.

matthew and i both work for the same insurance company...we used to actually work in the same department (no this is not how we met!!) but he is now in a different area. my work is not all that interesting...i am in the marketing and sales department and that's about all i will say because there is no need to bore you :), but i absolutely love the people i work with so it makes it all worth while. my good friend paul likes to take pictures on his cell phone of random things so i modeled for him.


he and his girlfriend (also my bff) got matthew and i these abe lincoln mugs...aren't they fab?

after work i go home and matthew and i eat dinner...he loves loves loves to cook so he always has it ready when i come home, how amazing is this? we take some time to catch up on things and talk about our day while our lovely little pets watch us from a distance hoping something will fall on the ground :)

some nights i have class (i am currently in school for graphic design) and on tuesday nights i teach a hip hop class (check out the hot pink and neon blue shoes up top...they are the best street dancing shoes ever)!! on the nights that i am off, i work on some design work for Corey a local photographer, create window display decorations for stella, watch my favorite tv shows with matthew and catch up on some reading. We like to take our furry family out for walks too, but with the cold weather coming our way they are not all that interested!

well i warned you...a day in my shoes is not all that interesting, but regardless i am happy and am taking the neccessary steps to get to exactly where i want to be. once i am there i will be sure to share another day in my shoes :)

what is a day in your shoes like? i'd love to know!!

have a magical day ♥
xo lindsay


  1. Well a day in my shoes is wake up at 7 give my daughter milk and change her diaper. Rest or go back to sleep till like 8 45, make breakfast, get ready, hang out till 11 45 which is lunch then daughter goes to nap, I read blogs and such and do homework, daughter wakes up hang out some more and more and then dinner then bed time. Pretty boring day. EVERYDAY if you ask me haha can't wait for Mr. Charming to come home it will NOT be like thateveryday ha.

  2. Oh you have a super lovely honey! My hubby cooks too and I just love love love it!

    A day in your shoes sounds so much more fabulous then mine! ;)

  3. oh boy! A day in the shoes of Meghan! Eeek. I love all your shoes. Great post my friend.

  4. I think a day in your shoes sounds absolutely divine, my dear! To come home to a husband who cooks is such a blessing! I love how you wrote "taking the neccessary steps to get to exactly where i want to be." That is super beautiful.

    A day in my shoes typically just involves a lot of proposal writing, husband/doggie loving and snacking:)

    it was so fun to see a day in yours! this was a great idea for a post:)

  5. I want a mug like that. Oh and a husband who can cook, oh my hubby has many talents cooking isn't one of them. He can bake tho' and I can do neither :)

  6. Great post :) I love seeing shoes because it really says a lot about people. I loved seeing your neon sneakers surrounded by cute vintage shoes. Definitely love your style already. I LOVE men who can cook :) Last night I came home to fried chicken, homemade mash-potatoes, and shucked corn.


  7. This is intersting! Thats so cool that sometime you teach a hip hop class and go to school for graphic design. :) And that is so sweet of him to have your dinner all ready for you.
    My day is like most high schoolers. Haha. Get up at 5:30 go to school till 2:35 then i either go to work out, or go home or go to a friends house or the library. haha

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. I found your blog at my friends Nat! I'm looking forward to reading through it.
    I love that mug.

  9. ah you have the best shoes ever.

  10. umm are you kidding?!?!? hip hop class, graphic design, fun friends!! those are awesome shoes :)

    your blog keeps getting cuter and cuter!! I love it :) as always thank you so much for your positive uplifting words. They brighten my day everytime!!

    ps... i shall steal those red converse :) watch yo self!!!


  11. Awesome post and so something I'll be doing in the future! I feel like such a thief stealing all these good ideas from people! Ha!

    Honey, your shoes are just fine, keep doing what you're doing to get where you want to be and don't change that for anything or anyone. Life throws you some hard punches and the more prepared you are, the less they'll knock you on your butt.

    Fantastic post!

  12. i've gotten a few compliments on that mug and i'm not sure if it is still available but it is from urbanoutfitters.com

    even if they don't have this one, they still absolutely adorable mugs

  13. not that interesting??!! blimey i feel like i've run a marathon just reading about everything you do!

    you are a busy girl, no wonder you'll need all those shoes and then some because so much movement will wear the soles out. wowzer. YOU are so interesting and like the epitome of a multi-tasking wizard. i would very much like to walk in your shoes, it sounds like a great gig, although i'm not sure i could keep up lovely...these crickety old bones will be the death of me. ♥

    pea ess: you teach hip hop...omg! love it, wish i lived by you, i'd come to your class anyday. xo

  14. This is a great post, it was really fun to read :)

  15. Girl you have amazing shoes!! What a fun collage of pics. My life is pretty boring too but I like it that way. :) Happy Thanksgiving!