i'm working on my blog roll and i need your help...

hello lovelies! so last weekend i was planning to work on the "lovely blogs" section of my happy little place and i failed miserably...shame on me! i am planning to pull myself together and make it a priority to get these done asap, but i need a little help from my fellow followers :) i am interested in making this section uniform and was thinking to have each individual blog button look like a polaroid photo with your blog title.

i was especially inspired by the lovely lane of my lovely little suitcase if you haven't seen her blog you must stop over...it is breathtaking!

so here is where you come in! if you are interested in being included i would love it if you would send me your most favorite photo (at least 200x200 pixels) to represent your blog, the url that you would like it to go to and what "blog title" you would like me to use with the picture.

if you would be so kind :) send the details to me at scenicglory{at}gmail{dot}com

if you don't want to send me a picture and would rather i use your designated blog button...no worries i won't leave you out you will be included as well :) just let me know!! ♥

i am going to be featured on the lovely jill's blog lune vintage and have also won an advertising space for the month of december so i would love to have this done before then...there's nothing better than spreading the love.

sorry for this long wordy post :) just wanted to make sure that i fit in all of the details.

p.s. two winners for the blog button design giveaway will be announced tonight...don't forget to post a comment here to enter in the drawing.

xoxo lindsay


  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome idea. I think it's super cool and am totally interested. I'll be emailing you soon lovely. Congrats on the feature too! ;)

  2. I love the Polaroid idea! I will email a picture to you. :)

  3. I just saw this post........I was away from computer for days and now I catch up on everyhting and I like sooooooooo much your idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!I looooove it!!!!I'll try to make it today and send it to your mail!!!!!!Thank you very much for using my button,really!!!!!!!!!Kisses

  4. Hey! I'd love to be included. I'll send you an e-mail tonight from my home computer!