i've been told that i am a stylish blogger

how amazing is this? scenic glory has received its first award from the ever so beautiful brooke of bright wishes. if you have not seen her lovely place be sure to stop by!

so here are the rules for receiving this award!

1. thank the person who gave you this award - check!!
2. tell 7 facts about yourself
3. give the award to 7 bloggers you love and leave a comment for them so they know that they have won!

::1:: i taught myself how to play the guitar (her name is ivy) about 6 years ago. i will take some pictures of her soon :)

::2:: i don't like pop...the carbonation kills my throat. my mom always used to tell me that when i was little i used to say it was hot.

::3:: whenever my pets wink at me i always wink back just in case it is some type of code...i know i know i'm weird
::4:: i have lived in seven different states (FL,OH,IL,AZ,KY,NE)
::5:: i am an only child
::6:: matthew & i are going to try out for the Amazing Race
::7:: madonna was my idol in preschool. at graduation everyone had to say what they wanted to be when they grew up. many wanted to be doctors, firemen etc. but i announced "i want to be a rock star like madonna and live in a townhouse in chicago." my poor mother :)

**many of these random facts came from one of my first posts "that's random" click here to see 50 random facts about me**

and the winners are...drum roll please
(click the picture to visit their lovely blog)

it was so hard to only pick 7 there are so many lovely blogs out there!!

xoxo lindsay


  1. Grats on your award Lindsay, it is well deserved :)
    And thank you so much for passing it on to me, such a great little Sunday surprise!!


  2. another lovely award for your blog! awesome! i loved hearing these facts about you. ive lived in five different states and i'm so glad i did.

    and if you make it on to the amazing race, please let me know! that would be so cool and i would definitely root for you!

  3. lindsay! Thank you so much! this is soo soo so awesome. Love your blog!

  4. Thank you so much for the award! :D
    Ahah so cute that you wink at your pets, my kitty winks at me all the time :)


  5. Lindsay, you are sweet, sweet, sweet! thanks for this award, i'm blown away.

    it's amazing to share the stage/this honor with such lovely, bright girls.

    YOU are goodness all around!