What was your name again?

hello! my name is lindsay...allow me to introduce myself.

the facts: i am a 25 year old newlywed living in a lovely little home with my hubby matthew and our little animal family... Fig (aka figgy, figlet, fig newton, etc.) our chihuahua, Duma our domestic bengal cat, Brixa the great dane and Godiva my parent's chocolate lab who is temporarily living with us while they relocate. you can say it is a full house, but it definitely keeps things interesting.

i currently reside in the state of nebraska, quite the opposite of the big city lifestyle i was used to growing up in the suburbs of chicago. i love this town though, the people are amazing and right now it fits. one day i may find my way back to the city life...philadelphia, seattle? san diego? we'll see where life takes us!

a full time job, part time gig and school currently consume my day to day life. i work for an insurance agency in the marketing department, but escape the 9 to 5 job at school where i am getting my degree in graphic design. this is my true love! i also am a design assistant to a lovely photographer by the name of corey rourke and assist the oh so wonderful stella (a fantastic local boutique) with their window and store displays.

my heart: my loving husband, family and friends take the cake when it comes to my heart. the amount of love, loyalty and support that i receive from them on a daily basis is all i need to get through the day. i am an animal lover and am happy with the life changing decision that i made 5 years ago to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. i love love love the color yellow...it makes me happy :), good vintage finds and thrifting brings a smile to my face. i love to create and design...typography, layout and color are my forte. in my next life i hope to be a famous photographer...lets just say i heart photography :) this list is never ending, but i believe i will stop there for now...there is plenty of time to get to know me better. for now i leave you with one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day taken by the talented corey rourke



  1. your blog is so darling.
    glad i stumbled upon it.

  2. I dont know why I took so long to read your About Me but it makes me love you even more. Wow you're so busy!

  3. Love your blog!!
    I'm from Nebraska as well : )

  4. Doing the blogging reading thing today. Found yours through Thirsty Thursday blog hop. I found myself pulled into your world quickly, as well as those you featured. I like your style and have decided to add you to my blog list.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. I love your blog--it's stylish and friendly! Nice work! I found you through WYE.

    ~Carla @ Carla-Jansen.blogspot.com

  6. gosh, you guys are adorable! i love the design of the blog too.
    tone xo

  7. This is such a great picture. I love the unexpected backdrop...the impromptu pose...anything out of the mainstream...personal! I love your blog. I think every art form is an expression of who we are. You express yourself so well in this blog. I hope to get to know you better as I follow you on this bloggy journey!!!!
    Patti =)

  8. gah! i love that picture. its uh-maze-ing.
    you are just so lovely!

  9. Your blog is so fun, I'm your newest following and looking forward to catching up on recent posts. I'm already hooked!

    Maegan :)

  10. Hi! I'm not sure if you create blog headers but I need one, and am looking to hire someone. If this is something you do, can you email me and let me know your pricing and the process? Thank you!
    aleytac at hotmail dot com

    If you do not do this, can you recommend someone? THANKS!

  11. Hey there! I just wrote you about blog design! It looks like we have a few things in common! I am also a 25 year old Midwestern gal, who love yellow and thrifting! :O Can't wait to hear from you!

  12. i love everything about this blog. and agree that you should be a photographer or anything creative. coz you really are!

  13. Hey Lindsay!
    I met you at Barnes & Noble and was just stopping by to check out your (ADORABLE!) blog!! If you have any other resources of any kind I'd love to know them! My email is hewygirl@hotmail.com and my Facebook page is www.facebook.com/hannahewittwer

  14. I'm loving your blog. So excited I found you! Hope you guys do awesome with your Scarlet & Cream Dream!!!

  15. 1. godiva is the best dog name. ever.
    2. love your blog :)