52 years and counting...

i cant even believe that matthew and i have already been married for 5 months, it seems like just yesterday we got back from our honeymoon in cozumel after celebrating our big day on 6/12/2010 with friends and family.
the other day i was cleaning up a little bit and came across this beautiful picture of my grandparents (we had gathered old wedding pictures of our family to display at our wedding and this one was an extra). this photograph was taken during their honeymoon in miami...they were married on september 19th, 1958.
52 years of marriage and still counting! i can't wait till matthew and i can say that ♥
our photographer Corey Rourke is still working on getting us all of the pictures (my gosh were there a lot!), but i thought i would share just a few that he captured on our very special day :) our wedding theme was vintage carnival/circus...it was so fun and playful!
a picture of my shoes :) i ♥ feathers!
matthew and i seeing each other for the first time!

downtown lincoln
this is my grandpa (the one pictured at the top!!) walking me down the aisle
i will definitely post more as they come! we also just found out that our wedding is being featured in the Nebraska Wedding Day Magazine for 2011 so i will also upate you all on that!!
have a magical day ♥ xo lindsay


  1. What stunning wedding photo's! They are so gorgeous. I also LOVE your grans swimming costume, so cute.

  2. I'm in the process of planning my wedding right now. I love what you both wore. It looks like it must have been a very fun day. :)

  3. first off, LOVELY picture of your grandparents. I am always in awe of how gorgeous people dressed back then. Second, you my friend are GORGEOUS! I love your wedding pictures! Your veil is to die for and that umbrella...aaah speechless. Enjoy all the lovely little moments that lead up to those golden anniversaries:)

  4. okay there is just SO much about this post that i'm loving! your grandparents, wholly moly, legendary and that photo is a vintage treasure.

    your shoes feather adornments and that parasol are causing me many deep exhales followed by the "ahhhhhh" sound in sort of a breathless Marilyn Monroe way. The wedding = STUNNING! like really, seriously STUNNING!!! Matthew's jacket & bow tie rock and how distinguished is grandpa...when you have swell fellas like that in your life everything else is just cake.


  5. Love your wedding pictures, thank you so much for sharing!
    You two are so cute together :)

  6. Sooooooooooo beautiful and romantic pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations for your marriage!!!!Your shoes are really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kisseeeeeeees

  7. AWW! Your wedding pics are so beautiful! I for married the weekend before you! :-)

    New follower!