open call for august sponsors!

after taking a break from sponsorship for several months, i have decided that this august is the perfect time to get back into it again.  i have been going through a bit of a life transition and wanted to take some time off for me, but exciting things are coming - amazing changes are happening and i look forward to documenting & sharing it all in the coming month.  which means a perfect opportunity for me to take you along with me!

here's the scoop...

over 1,100 blogger followers
over 22,000 views in july so far
totaling over 3,000 followers on other social networking sites such as:
google reader, twitter, facebook, bloglovin', pinterest & instagram
for further details, readership statistics or to reserve your spot please contact me at scenicglory@gmail.com

1 comment :

  1. i'm going to have to sponsor soon. this month i can't but i love your blog and i will contact you soon :) xo -mila