dear winter

dear winter,

i wanted to take the time to thank you for your sunny blue skies and extra nice weather.  i typically don't enjoy being outside this time of year, but because of you i have taken a liking to it.  early evening strolls by the train tracks, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa on an outside park bench...really it doesn't get much better.

i must say that my animals really love you as well.  sunshine through an open window is what they live for.

i know you don't get thank you's like this very often, because well...you're winter.  but i just thought i would let you know that this year, you are extra special.

XO, lindsay

p.s.  if you decide you need to send a little snow our way...i won't hold it against you!


  1. we haven't seen even a speck of cold weather! and it's north carolina in february! craziness. so much for the pretty, chunky sweaters sitting in my closet:) i kind of love it though (ssh. don't tell winter!)

  2. So cool that you can have such a positive image of winter...I hate it! And the snow :(

  3. I should do this too! I have typically loathed winter for most of my adult life. But this year has been so different. I haven't minded it at all!

  4. Oh yes, it's 71 here today and I'm missing winter. So ready for some snow again, it's been too long!

  5. Cute letter to Winter, oh Winter you are so interesting in all of our lives! You are so moody!

  6. super sweet... i just found your blog through MaieDaie and I love it!