come one, come all.

matthew and i made it through the storm that made it's way into nebraska this weekend. 12 inches of the most beautiful white dust i have ever seen :)

i visited my favorite blog today - katies pencil box - and was super excited when i saw her big top post.  anyone that has followed my blog knows that i have an unbelievable love for the carnival & circus...
bottom 2 photos taken by corey rourke

...so much so that it was the theme for the most special day of our life.  many of you probably already knew this, but any reason to reminisce and relive that magic again keeps me smiling for days.

if you have a second, be sure to visit katie's magical corner of the world for those of you that are already familiar with her...isn't her blog a dream come true?  XO, lindsay

ps thank you for all of the sweet anniversary wishes...you made our day :)


  1. Such a great post.. I havent been to the circus in forever

  2. thank you so much for the sweet mention! a circus-themed wedding is right up my alley! i hope you and your mr had a wonderful anniversary!

  3. That sounds like a very fun themed session! I don't really like doing themed sessions myself, but I ADORE looking at them!

  4. AWWW I love elephants, so I'm in love with that ring!! Themed Circus?? YES!!

    Sorry haven't been very bloggy lately, but I had to stop by and say hi. It's been a minute ;)