a new love - vintage magazines!

this last weekend i picked up 3 vintage better homes & garden magazines from 1952 & 1953 - oh my goodness what on earth has taken me so long to grab these beauties.  the ads are completely and totally over the top - i've never been so in love.  the classic coca cola and car ads are my absolute fav!

retro design is a new favorite of mine - especially since we started planning our scarlet & cream business :) do you have any favorite vintage ads or magazines to look through?  please do share!!


  1. been in a retro mode too lately :D love this

  2. So cool! I also think it's funny to go through vintage fashion magazines :)



  3. I love vintage stuff though I don't really own any. However, I've been cleaning out the top shelves of my closet over the past couple days and I stumbled upon a few magazines from September 1986, the month and year I was born, that my mom kept. I paged through a few of them. My how things have changed! :)

  4. I feel like the blogosphere is all about vintage this week. I'm LOVING it.

  5. I actually had a "Look" magazine and a "Life" magazine. A friend collects old cigarette ads, so I purchased the magazines to get them. :) Anyway, the "Look" magazine was from the '60s, while "Life" was from 1943. There were actually a lot of interesting stories and images about the war, and there was a section about an entire block in Ohio. It wanted to show how the war was affecting "normal people," and it was probably one of the most interesting things I have ever read. Then, toward the back, folded between two pictures of airplanes, was a child's drawing. Some young child had tried to copy an airplane onto a piece of paper. I have no idea when it was drawn, and if it had been there since 1943, but I was stunned and delighted. It made this "ancient" magazine so much more personal; that "real" people had once looked it, and admired it, much like I was.