a new year and a little where the whild things are

when the door to 2012 opened matthew and i decided that this would be the year...the year to set a new years resolution that is probably one of the most important....to live.

although vague, this resolution sets no boundaries and has no limits.  at the end of the day i am accountable for the things that i do and don't do...if i can go to bed knowing that i had the best day EVER then i know i am on the right path - imagine 365 days of this (or an eternity...but i'm taking baby steps) - it would be pretty amazing!

i imagine days filled with love, excitement, adventures, and creativity (just to name a few).  it will be a wild ride that i look forward to sharing...you can bet there will be pictures :)


i haven't picked up a pencil and hand drawn for quite some time - i have missed it so much and wonder why i ever let it get away...perhaps the use of the computer and working on graphic design projects is the reason.  i had fun with this rough sketch and it doesn't get much cuter than these little wild things...i'm really loving this living thing :)

on a side note, today is the last day to enter the anthropologie gift card giveaway - winner will be chosen tonight AND a new giveaway will be announced tomorrow!


  1. These are beautiful Lindsay! I love Where the Wild Things Are and your illustration is so pretty.

  2. Happy New Year Lindsay!
    Great New Year Resolution :)

  3. of all the new year's resolutions I've read, this is the best. what a great resolution to have!

  4. You are so good at drawing! You are such an artist, between your graphics, DIY and drawing! You inspire me. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Gosh you're good! How long's it been since you hand drew? Between Sunday's TLC special "Jig" and going trough my band music while cleaning out my closet today, I kind of wonder of 3+ years away from Irish dance and my flute won't matter.

  6. I have read a LOT of resolutions in the past week or so, but I think yours wins!