currently loving - a new feature :)

happy new year lovely friends! i hope the start of your 2012 has been amazing :) i spent some much needed quality time with my mister over the holidays, which meant not checking my emails as frequently and taking a mini blogging break. i am happy to be getting back into the swing of things again...to get things started i thought i would bring a fresh new feature to scenic glory...one that i see and love all over the blogging world - "things i love" i am always searching for design, home & fashion inspiration and thought i would share a few of the things i am currently loving this week...

via my "currently loving" pinterest board

1.  bow ties :: something about them just makes me smile. i particularly love these bow ties made by forage their vintage fabric collection is completely and totally swoonworthy!

2.  paper dolls :: emily winfield martin created these fabulous winter paper dolls available for download here. i just happened to come across these beauties today...i can't wait to print them out on my sparkly ivory cardstock :)

3.  mustard & zebra sweater :: i'm a lover of all animal graphics, but mixing zebra's with my favorite color mustard yellow...eeekk! that's all i can say!

4.  these botanical calendars by rifle paper co. are a new must have for 2012

5.  part of my 2012 resolutions (more about my NYR coming soon!) includes having more gatherings at our home. with gatherings comes....COCKTAILS of course!  i came across this vintage cocktails book at anthropologie *now sold out*, but being the bargain shopper that i am, i scouted this beauty out online and found it here and ordered it right away.  this little number has been a hard one to find in stock, otherwise it is extremely expensive ranging anywhere from $50-$100 - even though it is currently on back order, i figured it was worth the wait for the $30 price tag!

6.  adoring all things stag - including this cute little necklace

7.  matthew and i are going to be remodeling/redecorating our home offices and think it's important to also have room for our guests to get cozy and sleep...we are all about non traditional and LOVE the idea of a pallet bed (on wheels of course)...we're hoping to hit up our local grocery store this week to see if they have any they no longer need.

8.  pretty packaging...enough said!

9.  i simply adore this print - muted colors with a beautiful girl surrounded by cute animals...doesn't get any better.

10.  suzani :: is anyone else completely head over heels in love with suzani's?  our home decorating is nearly complete in our living area, and now it is time to move into the bedroom and a suzani for our platform bed is #1 on the list.  we have a bid on a beautiful one we found on ebay...wish us luck!

what things are you currently loving?  i'd love to take a peek :) XO, lindsay


  1. These are pretty loving things. =)

  2. I love love love....the idea of a pallet bed and the tree, that room is just perfect!!

  3. Those paper dolls are gorgeous! Such lovely finds!

  4. oh my! that sweater is seriously amazing. love.


  5. soo cute!! loving the paper dolls

  6. i love this post, your picks are so beautiful, i'm currently loving my 365 days to be grateful journal :)

  7. Love this! The paper dolls are lovely!

  8. I can NOT take in that print, #9!!! Oh my word, in complete aw and love....
    cute collection to the max

  9. So pretty! I especially love those sweet calendars!