a what did you do for the holidays link up!

happy monday lovely friends!  my goodness this last week has been crazy...as i am sure it has been for you all also.  my week was filled with holiday dinners, lunch dates with girlfriends, carousel rides, cookie baking, late night christmas light gazing,  and everything in between.  usually penelope (my trusty little camera) is glued to my hip, but this year not so much...why, i do not know :)  so please share your picture filled holiday posts (or ANY holiday posts for that matter) with me and this lovely lady...i'd love to see what goes on in your little corner this time of year!

matthew and i are spending the day together today, eating leftovers and going to the movies...i can hardly wait to see we bought a zoo!!


  1. I also saw "We Bought a Zoo" today with my mom and grandma. How cool is that? Did you love it like we did?

  2. Hi hun,
    I sent you my button up via mail, but doesn't look like it is up yet. Wondered if you actually got it?

    Waiting for a reply. =) Let me know.