snow scene mason jars and a pomegranate on top!

i finally took out all of our antique blue mason jars and clear mason jars from our wedding and decided to put them to decorative use around our home. i went to pinterest for some inspiration and fell absolutely head over heels in love with the mini snow scenes and decided to recreate it...pronto!

i headed over to joann fabrics and found a set of 21 village snow trees in varying sizes (for 60% off) and also bought a bag of "snow."  some other things i had on hand were stems of red berries from hobby lobby, candles, and white rice and beans - for other mason jar fillers.

i started creating and thought having some different height variations would be a good idea as well...i wanted to use vintage books, but didn't have any on hand so opted for something a little different...anthropologie wrapped books.  i knew saving those monthly catalogs would come in handy :) i fired up the candles, added a pomegranate for some color dimension and tada...all done :)

i'm happy with how it turned out and am excited to change out the scenes each season...i'm thinking terrariums for spring :)  XO


  1. Oh you kill me with how creative you are! AHHHMAZING! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I really want to make these but am pretty sure I won't get to it til next Christmas :( ps- I think I've pretty much posted about my blog in every media outlet available to me so I should start to calm down soon lol

  3. Perfect! I have been looking for a use for my mason jars. =)

  4. Lovely! My mom would be extremely jealous of all the shelf and table space you seem to have for putting all these decorations. We just don't seem to have enough. :-/

  5. So pretty! This is something I would love to do next Christmas.