painted birch trees & a few small details

the best kind of decorating is the "free" kind...don't you think? matthew and i were lucky enough to get a lot of antique family pieces handed down to us...furniture, mirrors, china, pictures things like that.  the last few weeks we have been going through  our basement finding little treasures that we had completely forgotten about...it's like opening presents early :)

recently,  i have become particularly fond of the popular wallpaper "woods" available at anthropologie but with a $200 price tag i just couldn't bring myself to fork over that kind of money.  instead i grabbed a pencil, black acrylic paint and a tiny paint brush and went for it...

6.5 trees later (with 8.5 trees to go) this is what our kitchen wall looks like.  i haven't touched it for a week...perhaps the 2-4 hours it takes per tree tired me out a bit, i'm hoping to finish it up by january...i'll keep you posted :)  matthew and i laugh because he was just talking about how he really misses his annual trips to colorado...i told him now he can just look at the wall and pretend he's there!

it does make a pretty backdrop for indoor pictures too :)  XO, lindsay


  1. you have an amazing sense of style. I love the backdrop on your picture.. You did an amazing job on the wallpaper

  2. As always, beautiful.
    You're artistic ability and style... I swoon.


  3. Love this! You have so many awesome projects :)

  4. I love that little deer, and the picture frame with the pretty old picture inside. Usually the best things are used and re-discovered things of our own that we have forgotten about or put away only to pull them out again to use! Wow, awesome job on the birches!!!
    Such a cute post , your talent is incredible...

  5. Pretty pretty lady. The art is fantastic. =) Congrats on the thousand friend too btw.


  6. Wow, love it! Looks amazing! xxx