old fashioned photos continued...and upcoming changes!

happy monday!  i hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)  today i wanted to share a few more of my favorite photos from a recent shoot that i did for our family.  i shared a few of my other favorites in this post here!  i finally had time to finish editing and loved the way these black & white's turned out...this color theme is just so classic...i don't think it will ever go out of style!

on a bit of a side note...matthew and i had a discussion or two this weekend about this little place scenic glory and where i want to take it.  recently i have felt stuck in a rut and i am so excited to make some changes around here.  i'm hoping to get things started by next month, with everything in full swing by the new year (oh my,  i can't believe i just said that...2012 is just around the corner!)

with that said i am ALWAYS open to suggestions and would love to hear yours if there are things that you would really like to see (or not see) on this little blog of mine!  hope you all have a lovely day. XO, lindsay


  1. Adorable photos! Can't wait to see your changes! I am in the same situation, feeling a blog rut, need to burst out of it lol

  2. Love the pics! I especially like the first one (pinky out!) and the second one. The look on his face in that one is priceless!

    Looking forward to see what you have coming up. I've always felt in a blogging rut, mainly ever since I was asked to leave student teaching and I decided to change my major from teaching. I have no job, no social life, no love life, and our family gatherings are pretty normal. Despite wanting to be a writer, I rarely have anything to blog about. Lately all my posts have been the TV recaps I've been doing on my shows! >.< So who knows - maybe your changes will inspire me to think of some cool posts for my blog, especially with my shows going on holiday break soon.

  3. I LOVE these pictures- that is such a cute idea!!!

    I understand about being stuck in a rut with a blog. I'm looking forward to your upcoming changes!

    I hope you are doing well!!


  4. such cute photos i cant wait to see the changes either! :)

  5. Oh man, you're in a rut too? I can't seem to figure out what mine is! Driving me nuts. Good luck to you!

  6. love black and white pictures, they look so magical!! :)

  7. These photos are so lovely! I can't wait to see what changes you make, I love your blog and I think that you are going to make it even more wonderful! xox