a few lovely ladies you need to meet!!

good morning lovely friends!  i hope your wednesday is off to an amazing start!  i have a few great giveaways coming up in just a little bit, but first i wanted to share a couple lovely ladies with you first.

my name is kaitlyn webb patience and i blog at isavirtue. aside from blogger, other notable descriptions of me include artist, stationery creator, gallery manager and obsessive art lover. isavirtue blog welcomes anyone interested in mail art, contemporary art and musings about life.

this month i had a huge birthday giveaway on my blog. it was so fun to see my readers getting involved and going above and beyond to participate!

currently i am inspired by a particular painting. i recently indulged in one of her works (more about that on my blog in a couple of weeks!) and i wake up, look at it on the wall, and feel full of hope, optimism, and like life is brighter than the day before. 
kaitlyn and i have known each other for almost a year now...i can't believe it's been that long already!  her work has appeared on scenic glory before...have you seen her stationary yet?  seriously, you must.  it is the perfect little something to have for the holiday season!  and because kaitlyn is so amazing, she is offering a discount to scenic glory readers & first time isavirtue buyers

15% off in her shop with the coupon code ISAVIRTUEFIRST
 her work is truly incredible...the little deer in the picture above has got to be my favorite!

I'm a full-time lady of the law working at a firm in downtown Chicago.  I have two beautiful little ladies {Hannah & Hailey} and a lovely hubby {Paul}.  I spend most of my free time with my kiddos, getting tattoos, and crocheting my little heart away. 
This month I enjoyed blogging about my tattoo progress and shop updates.  Both continue to be works in progress!
I'm currently being inspired by the cold Chicago weather.  What better time of the year to create new and fun scarves!

eep i am SO excited to have the opportunity to share miss tiffany with all of you.  her blog *and shop* is filled with SO much personality and as a former chicago girl and tattoo lover myself her and i were sure to hit it off!

while you're off checking her out, be sure to stop by her shop and pick out a lovely scarf for yourself and get 20% off by using code SGSAVE20. what better time of year is there to buy a pretty crocheted scarf?!?

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  1. Yay more blogs for me to check out :D thanks for sharing, great feature