design*sponge at home - an inside look - p.s. it's amazing!

matthew and i recently decided that it was finally time to start making our house feel like a home. both of us are guilty of allowing ourselves to be completely consumed with work...non-stop. because of this we have neglected to make our little nest feel...well like a nest.

over the last few weeks we have taken some time to liven up our space **all of which i will be sharing in a new scenic glory feature starting in december "house to HOME project"** to help get a little motivated i stopped at the barnes & noble up the street and was so excited to see one copy left of design*sponge at home. i have never rested by eyes on something so completely and totally amazing! here's a little peak inside...

this gem is complete with over 350 picture filled pages...if this book doesn't inspire you, i don't know what will.  after paging through it for only a few seconds i knew i had to take this one home (for only $35 how couldn't i)?

i find myself looking through it every day over and over.  each time i discover something new...it truly never gets old!  needless to say we have made a lot of progress, and i am beyond excited to continue making our house a home.  i'll be sharing bits and pieces of our transformation starting next week!  until then, i thought i would share a little something from our dining room table :)

i have always believed that it's the small things that count...even if it's just a little something on a dining room table! XO


  1. Love this post and I need that book! Can't wait to see the little transformations around your home!
    So glad to see you back around here - been missing you lady!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Sounds like an amazing series! I love the little details on the table...adorable.

  3. i just came across your blgo and love the design layout and the feel it has!
    i'm also excited to read about your house to home project. i just got married and moved into our first apartment and am working hard at doing just that on a limited budge!

    thanks for sharing :)
    love your newest follower,