on solid ground - a pretty new design

i realized that i haven't shared a new design in quite awhile - i'm still trying to find the time to update my portfolio with over 30 new designs, but i have been too too busy!  so today, i thought i would share one of my new favorites - on solid ground.  sarah came to me looking for a blog design for her vintage rental business out of minneapolis minnesota.  she was an absolute pleasure to work with!

i am currently finishing up a design for her husband kyle as well - anyone that loves argyle in their design is completely awesome in my book!  so keep an eye out for that design coming up soon too :) XO, lindsay


  1. "you gots skillz that killz" as my husband would say :P lovely stuff as always- and always inspiring for a design student like myself! i would love to check out your portfolio when it gets updated!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Lindsay! This little working relationship is far from over :) XO