a busy bee

happy monday!  i am thrilled to say that this weekend was filled with a little me and matthew time, college football games, indian food and tons of animal loves :)  i have been super busy these last few weeks staying caught up on all kinds of design projects, taking photos and matthew and i have spent many hours organizing things for our scarlet & cream dream (updates coming soon!)

what have you been up to these days?  what's keeping you busy?!?  one thing i don't want to miss out on is the apple orchard and pumpkin patch...what's fall without these things?  what are some of your fall traditions?  XO, lindsay


  1. i love this time of year because of football!!! loving the blog! new follower :-)


  2. seriously! picking apples at the orchard was one of my favorite fall activities growing up in connecticut. i'm trying to find something like that in utah... but fall only lasts like a month here and then BOOM it's winter, so the best i will find is a hayride of some sort! can't wait to see all your projects!

  3. I spent the whole weekend doin ghomework and I went to a blogger meet-up which was really fun :)

  4. Celebrated one of my kiddos birthday! :) thats what i did this weekend other then that i just had a relaxing weekend.
    We will be going to the pumpkin patch in the next week.

    Cant wait to see the scarlet and cream dream updates :)

  5. I don't really have any fall traditions besides drinking lots of tea and eating pumpkin pie, but I am do looking forward to creating new ones when I finish my degree and have the time for it :)