the story of oliver

oliver with our great dane, brixa

the day got away from me yesterday and i was never able to share the story of how little oliver walked right into our lives.

last tuesday, matthew and i were at his parents house checking on their dog shyla...(they were visiting the colorado rockies!) once it got late, we decided to head home...as we were walking out the door we saw this shadow and it acted as if it was starting to walk into the house.  thinking it was a possum, matthew slammed closed the door quickly!  thinking that whatever that "thing" was would be scared off we opened up the door and turned on the porch light to be sure.  much to our surprise that little "thing" turned out to be an adorable fluff ball kitten.

there are several stray cats around matthews neighborhood, but we never came across a kitten.  i assumed that when i reached to pick him up that he would be skittish and run away, but instead he started to walk towards me and rested in my arms instantly and purred like crazy.  he was as clean as can be, coat was shiny, eyes were bright and vibrant.  we began to think that maybe he was a pet that mistakenly got out.

we walked around the block, searching for other kittens like him around or perhaps someone outside looking for their baby...but there was nothing.  at that point we decided to bring him home for the night and put up some online listings letting people that may be searching for their lost kitten know that we had found him.

days passed by and we did not receive an email or phone call and no "lost kitten" signs popped up in matthew's parent's neighborhood.  i guess all i can say now is, the rest is history.  this little guy has been given a name and home...he is now part of our animal family.  we are still working on all of our animals getting used to him (our chihuahua - fig , great dane - brixa and cat - duma).  we were concerned about brixa most...our 170 lb. 2 year old great dane...but she has completely surprised us.  she is gentle and kind in every way imaginable...of course we have the occasional mishap where she forgets she is giant and nudges at oliver with her nose, only to discover she has moved him about 3 feet across the floor.  luckly he doesn't seem to have a care in the world and finds it more entertaining than anything :)

i think this is officially my longest post to date...i hope you enjoyed mr. oliver's story and i will definitely be keeping you up to date on this little guy :)  XO, lindsay


  1. That is so incredibly sweet and wonderful of you to take him in and give him a happy and safe place to live! Homeless animals break my heart. I wish I had the means to adopt all of them. So I am so happy for you and for Oliver, and I know you will have many happy times together!!

  2. I knew I liked you. Anyone who can open their home to a great dane (and then some) are golden in my book. We have a 13 month old dane too :)

  3. I love this picture! It's been so long since I've clicked over...miss you, lady! Start of school is a busy time. Your little fur family is just precious. :)

  4. This is so sweet! I'm so glad that he came into your lives! What a sweet story of the great dane and small kitten - kind of like the Lion & the Lamb! ;)

  5. Congratulations on your newest baby! Oliver is a cutie!

  6. awww he looks just like my first kitty, milo. i love the name oliver!

    love, little.

  7. adorable!!!
    I was a huge cat person before i got my little molly. BUT i still would love to have another kitty one day! I am working on convincing Cody. He doesn't care for them. But how could you say no to such a cute little fluff ball!?

  8. Awww so adorable!

    My landlord and his wife live next door to us, and they saw a stray cat leave a baby kitten outside during Hurricane Irene. They rescued her and she's thrived, even though she was only 3 weeks old! It made me laugh when you said that Brixa doesn't know her own size...their dog, Fulana, is approximately 80x the size of the kitten, and if the kitten come close to touching her she runs away! haha!

    <3<3 Congrats on the new addition!

  9. Everything happens for a reason <3 This little one was just MEANT to find you! :D

  10. Love this story! Remember the cat I told you about yesterday, the one who Oliver kinda looks like? Well, she's also a stray. A neighbor found her and asked around but didn't find an owner. Because we kept our garage door open a smidge for our other cat to get in and out during the day as well as food and water, she wandered into our garage and lapped up the water like there was no tomorrow (my dad figured she was dehydrated). Eventually, she made herself at home. We got her a collar and everything. Our other cat somewhat got along with her and when we lost him and got his brother, the stray was the same. The two chase each other all the time. Not sure if they're playing or if the other cat is really chasing her.

    That's funny that the biggest of your pets is the gentlest and sweetest. Specifically him being a dog and Oliver being a cat. I know cats and dogs can live together but I rarely hear about it :)

  11. So precious!! And even more so together like best buds, ahh! so cute!