a tattoo story with Kimberly!

Hi I'm Kimberly the blogger behind Lush Lounge (http://lushdeez.blogspot.com)
I have four tattoos at this time, but I want many more! Someone once asked me what my tattoos symbolized. I had no sentimental meaning behind them when I got them.They are on my body because I love them, because they are beautiful, because the make me smile when I look at them, just because I want them there. They only thing they symbolize is a piece of who I am.
I got my first tattoo pretty quick after turning 18. It was a coming of age, rite of passage type thing. My best friend Jayme are born 1 day apart so a couple weeks after turning 18 we went to the tattoo shop together and got matching peace sign tattoos. Hers is on her wrist and mine is on my ankle and a little smaller. The whole 10 minute process was the worst pain of my life! It hurt so bad I didn't think I'd ever get another one. (ha!)
My first tattoo
We match!
A little over a year later I mustered up the courage to go under the needle again, this time on the back of my shoulder. A cute little swallow with a trail of music notes flying behind it. The bird was just too cute & music fuels my soul. Perfect! Surpisingly, it was a lot easier this time around.

Jacques was sooo good for my bird I went back to him a few months later for my arm piece. I had only an idea of a flower with stars when I came to him, he drew it into the masterpiece it is today. I LOVE having someone's original artwork on my body! Bright and beautiful, it fits me perfect! The whole thing took several short sessions, the quote "Follow Your Heart" came to me towards the end of the tattoo and was the perfect way to wrap it all together! That phrase is one I try to live by and seeing it on my arm everyday is a great reminder!
Jacques working his magic on me.
The finished arm piece :)

My fourth and last (for now) tattoo I had been thinking about getting for months before I finally did it. I am not the spontaneous type when it comes to body art. Romantic is what I am, the spot is so sexy, I couldn't be more happy with it's beauty! The hearted "I" filled in red was a sweet little touch  from the artists input.

I have the hardest time deciding which is my favorite - they all are! I love them all so much and I want many more!


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  2. I love them all! I am such a HUGE fan of tattoos! I actually like that yours don't have some huge, sentimental back story behind all of them. (Although when you think about it they all have a story to them). I think it's great. Sometimes you want something just because you want, and, love it. I think they're all beautiful! I'm hopefully getting my 3rd soon :)

    (sorry I deleted my previous comment - was signed in with my old blog name!)

  3. yayy its up! thanks for posting lindsay! :)

  4. just found your blog, i love it, "feels" so calm :) love the tattoos, beautiful. i have two on my back. want to get one more, probably on my wrist, which everyone says will hurt the most...
    following now on here and twitter!


  5. I have said it before, I love how unique your posts are and how you really introduce people and not just a shallow bit about them. awesome lindsey!

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  6. I really like them!