pretty little things i adore today!

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hello beautiful friends!  i hope you had a fabulous weekend and wishing for you a wonderful monday morning as well :)  today i thought i would start off with some pretty finds...i think number 4, the paper art is my favorite!! then again the camera cookies are pretty adorable as well ;)

what are you up to this monday?  later this evening i have an appointment with my amazing tattoo artist ann to fill in some more color on my owl (winston!), flower/peacock feather tattoo.  i'll share some pictures tomorrow!!  make your day adventurous XO, lindsay


  1. aah the lace overlay on that beautiful green dress! and what a lovely idea of making lemon cupcakes:) much better than lemonade, hands down!

  2. Ooooh, the lace dress. Swoon.

  3. Are those camera cookies?????? How amazing

    Janette, the Jongleur

  4. Yay for tattoo touch-ups! And I love all of these things :)

  5. beautiful pictures :) i love the lemon sign!!