bohemian backbone

Hi! my name is Keri and I own Bohemian Backbone boutique. We sell cute boho style clothes and accessories. I started our blog before we opened the boutique in 2010. It is another artistic outlet for me to keep everyone updated on new arrivals, fun giveaway contests and other musings and inspirations about our personal lives.

There are so many favorite things that I love about our blog! One of them is our new feature called "a beautiful Muse" where we showcase other artists, shop owners and bloggers.

I LOVE spending my lazy sunday afternoons catching up on all of the lovely blogs I have wondered across. Some of my favorites are boho baby bump a piece of lisa, easie peasie, my little loves, and the wicker house (I could list a hundred more! there are so many interesting and inspiring bloggers out there! 

i have had the pleasure to get to know this lovely lady keri recently and i am so happy that we "met"  she is simply radiant...i just adore her!  i know you will too.  so get your booty movin' and pay this fabulous girl a visit :)

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