the happiness project :: link up :: week #2

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hello lovelies!  i have completed my first week of my happiness project and am ready to get going on week 2!  my goal for week one was to "declutter" although i have not completely decluttered our home, we have certainly made progress and i am incredibly happy about that.

over the weekend matthew and i tackled our "free for all" room in the basement.  this room was filled with all sorts of things...books, random decorations, wedding items and china that my parents passed down to me.  we created a throw away pile, donate pile and keep pile and managed to completely declutter and reorganize that room.  all of the china is now in its proper place and i'm looking forward to having the opportunity to enjoy it!

next week i will focus on continuing to declutter our home and i will work on another goal that i am particularly excited about as well...

i have been wanting to recreate my design space for quite some time now.  right now it is rather boring and not at all inspiring.  now that i am at home full time i am constantly in this studio and i believe that once my surroundings are fun and creative i will be able to be more creative myself!

like my goal of decluttering, recreating my design space is going to take more than a week which is why it is a goal on the top of my list.  i plan to declutter my area first and then paint the walls!  we have already purchased a pretty color and i can't wait to share what the theme of my design space will be!!

i will be back next week to share with you all my progress and my newest happiness project goal.

whether you started the happiness project last week or you want to give it a go this week...link up and share your happiness project goals and progress for the week too...can't wait to see!!



  1. ohhh...i love decluttering. best of luck on your endeavor!

  2. those cups are adorable! good luck this week :)

  3. oh i love this idea of recreating your design space ~ i will do this task when i'm back from holidays i think as it's a bit silly for me to attempt to start it before. x