cherry on top

matthew and i had seen this new yogurt place in town and we finally had the opportunity to stop and visit this weekend.  it was so tasty and the atmosphere was SO fun!  who doesn't love hot pink cherry polka dots?!?

i opted for the fruit and cheesecake bite toppings while the mister chose fruity pebbles mixed with butterfinger crumbles...yes you read that right!  i guess when you can put whatever toppings you want on it you end up with an interesting mixture like his :)


last week i forgot to choose winners for the giveaways, so today is your lucky day...you have one more opportunity to enter before i pick a winner tomorrow!  so go enter here, here and here!


  1. haha! you guys sound just like my husband and i!
    whenever we stop for frozen yogurt i opt for the fruit while piles on the cereal.

    i love your pictures!


  2. I've never been to a yogurt bar/place/buffet/whatchamacallit, but I SO WANT TO GO TO ONE! They look totally yummy and I agree. Hot pink polka dots for the win!!!

  3. Yummy! Hope you have a great day lady!

  4. There's a frozen yogurt shop just like that one right across the street from where I just graduated from college. I first discovered it last November (they're pretty new) and went several more times. They have a variety of flavors of frozen yogurt and a ton of toppings: fruit, cereal, chocolate chips, cookies, sauces, and more. What a great place!

  5. your blog is just lovely! very happy to be a new follower.


  6. oooh we just got a frozen yogurt place here too! I've been seeeeriously tempted to try it.

  7. Aww my hometown has recently put in a shop very similar; but its called Goody's-- && soo amazing!! Hope you enjoyed.
    - btw; Loving the pictures. but your aware already.

  8. yum!! that place looks like a whole lotta fun!