bowling lanes and giveaway winners

bowling with friends is always fun...when you throw a little one in the mix (one of my besties daughter named anni) then it makes the night even better!  the girls were in one lane with the boys in the next - the bumpers really have become my best friend...although i still manage to be horrible!

that evening little anni asked me if i would be her bridesmaid when she gets married...i'm so honored ;)


before i forget...it's time to announce the giveaway winners! drum roll please...

ladies i will be contacting you as well as the sponsors for these giveaways today!

have a beautiful day lovelies! XO lindsay


  1. I haven't gone bowling since I was a very little girl (too little to hold the ball, in fact!) Jen and I want to have a bowling date night sometime. ^_^

    Congrats to all the giveaway winners!!!

  2. best things about bowling are the shoes and the noise of the pins! ooooh i wanna bowl now! :)



  3. I love bowling, and I always start strong but then my arms gets weak from holding the ball! and I get worse and worse..... bummer. :)

  4. I shot a wedding in a bowling alley in April, it was so awesome! Glad you had fun :)

  5. following you after seeing your guest post on just lovely things. your photos are amazing.

    love, little.

  6. what amazing photos! massive urge to bowl right now (despite my absolute lack of skills...) congratulations to the winners!


  7. Ah, I love bowling! I even took a bowling class during my final quarter of college (this past spring, actually). It was a blast and I made some great (albeit temporary and during those hours only) friends. That's sweet that Anni asked you to be her bridesmaid :)

  8. Yay! Suuuper awesome! (love the headband in the pix btw!)