a tattoo story - a feature with wattlebird

Hello Scenic Glory readers! Annie here from the blog Wattlebird. I'm so glad Lindsay gave me the opportunity to share my silly tattoo story with you today. I hope you enjoy!

I have a total of 3 tattoos. There's not a lot (or any, really) meaning behind any of them. I believe that tattoos with meaning are special, but they don't HAVE to mean something. Sometimes it can just be a cool piece of art that you carry with you forever. Or in my case just a reminder of something dumb you did on a whim (no regrets!)

When I was young, I always wanted lots of tattoos. I didn't ever think they all had to have a really significant backstory, but I really wanted my first one to mean something special. I thought and thought and thought, but couldn't come up with anything THAT IMPORTANT that it would forever be remembered as my first tattoo. I really wanted to get one on my 18th birthday (my family did not approve, so I had to do it on my own). But since I couldn't come up with one important thing that was more important than anything else, I put it off.

Fast forward a couple of years. I still hadn't come up with a super important and significant tattoo idea (again, it wasn't that there was nothing important, but just that I couldn't decide what was more important than everything else). I was hanging out with my boyfriend, and we were really bored. We were at the store and he had a bunch of coins he was taking to the CoinStar machine, and said, "we should do something really stupid with this money." So we went to his tattoo shop and I got a tattoo of a flying pig on my hip. Yes, really.

Most people assume I regret this decision. I get lots of "what are you going to think of that when you're older?" But I don't think that my sense of humor will just disappear one day. And it's not like it's on my forehead or anything. No, it doesn't have a significant meaning, but every time I look at it I smile. So it was a pretty well-spent $50 if you ask me.

Later that year I got a cute little donkey on my other hip - I felt like the pig needed some balance, hah!

And I also have this little gypsy lady, which I got as part of a fundraiser at Christmastime, where the tattoo shop donated toys to kids in need for each tattoo. She's on my right shoulder, and is my favorite one so far.

One day I'll get some more, and I'm sure some of them will have meaning more than just making me laugh. But I really do enjoy the ones I have now, and I think I always will. So the moral of the story is: I don't take myself too seriously, and you shouldn't take me too seriously either.


  1. I think your tattoos are wonderful! The pig and donkey are cute! I love the gypsy lady. I'm a belly dancer so I relate to her. Thanks for sharing with us. I have two tattoos and would like more, maybe someday.

  2. Your tattoos are great. The pig and donkey are super cute. They're obviously not your typical tattoos (stars, tribal, old english font). I like them a lot. Keep it up.

  3. aw, I love this! they're so unique and I love how you say you won't regret it- I know it's good to appreciate you could, but sometimes you just have to go for it!


    p.s your blog is beautiful! definitely following.

  4. I love your approach to tattoos. Yours are awesome and you seem like a pretty badass person :)