sushi and moscow mules

happy hour sushi and moscow mules on a friday evening (plus an amazing bread pudding dessert!) is the perfect way to end the week with one of your best girlfriends.

have any of you had a moscow mule before?  for one, the copper cup they serve it in is enough to make you want to drink it.  it is a combination of vodka, ginger ale and lime juice...and an amazing secret ingredient to top it all off, cinnamon!!  okay it may not be a secret ingredient, but it was honestly amazing!

matthew and i went to the farmers market this morning and i do believe that the fresh bag of kettle corn we purchased is calling my name :)  hope you all have a fabulous day! XO


  1. oooh sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. This post made me hungry!

  2. i'm so hungry now :)
    looks delish!

    linds.eliz@ 413

  3. i sure love your beautiful blog :)

  4. Yummy! Thanks for sharing these :)