in the spotlight- june sponsors - part ll

The After Nine To Five shop just relaunched this month on the first and continues to grow each week with more stuff being added. I recently purchased a sewing machine which has led to a whole new line of zippered and velcro pouches that are perfect for your craft supplies, makeup, and accessories. Bigger bags will be added next month so be sure to check back with the shop!

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annalea chooses joy and finds beauty in the lovely-but-difficult journey she lives with jesse, husband of ten years, and their three littles.  when she is not homeschooling, homemaking, or getting her hands dirty in the studio or potager, she tells the stories of their sweet, messy everyday at annalea hart.  you can also find her on flickr, twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

Howdy-do! My name is Brooke and I have a two year old daughter and a fiancĂ©e in the U.S. Navy. I love to talk about wedding plans and daily life on my blog! I hope you'll check it out :)

Hello there! My name is Victoria and I am the founder of Garden of Eden Designs. The Garden is a shop full of color and spirit, and a blog full of creativity and life. It is my heart and soul reflected into the elements of design. My life's number aspiration is to make the impossible possible.

Hello! My name is Melisa and I run a little blog and shop called Pie N' the Sky. I love sharing inspiration, fashion, photos and all the adventures I go on. I hope you'll stop by and say hello!
The WAHM Hub was a project that I started because of a passion to buy all things mom made or mom sold. Why buy and support those big guys when you can buy unique products to support a mom and her family? As a WAHM myself, I know how unappreciated we can be. I want to change that! At The WAHM Hub we have a Shoppe Directory to shop from real work at home moms, Business Interviews, WAHMomma that we love, and so much more! It's a place for all women, young and old, to support and empower women! To shop, connect, or promote your business!  =)
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