in the spotlight - june sponsors - part l

Hello! My name is Jenny and I'm studying literature at USF. I haven't decided what I'm going to do after graduation (in a year!) but I really want whatever I do to be fun and creative. Something I say everyday is: "life is too short to not have fun." So, take long bike rides and smile for every camera! My shop is full of feather earrings and hair clips. I have recently added necklaces to the line and be sure to keep an eye out for bracelets.

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Hi everybody, I am Caitlin from To Make Love Stay. I like writing, frolicking, photography, reading, milkshakes, my first and only husband, a dog named Cypress, Netflix Instant, gluten-free food, lilacs, short hair, not feeling anxious, Russia, and gravity. You can also find me on the Twitters. I'm thrilled to sponsor Scenic Glory this month because, let's face it, she's awesome sauce!

Hello! I'm Leona, a 21 year old Lion living in England with my fiancé, our two pet rats and our Jack Russell. I have no idea where my life is going right now, i'm just enjoying the ride to whatever road I end up on. Come and join me on this little adventure that we call 'life!' I'm sure it'll be exciting!

I'm a Krafy woman who loves to make unique hand made items. I love to bake, cook, read, and love photography. But first and foremost I am a mother of four wonderful children, a wife to one amazing chef, husband, and father. And a woman of God...

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Margot is a 25 year old Outdoor Educator and want-to-be Newfoundlander, who spends her days crafting, cooking, baking, gardening and preserving, in between work, love and family. On her blog she shares daily adventures in country living and the pursuit of homemade goodness. She is currently working to fill her shop with Newfoundland and nature inspired wares.

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This is us!

We were married on a summer day in 2007.
And baby girl came Christmas Day 2010.
But between summer 2007 and December 2010 we finished school, lived in a cabin on a lake, got a job, moved to the desert, bought a house , swam in the Caribbean, planted a sunflower seed, watched it grow as tall as the garage. traveled a little more, found a discount puppy, bought the discount puppy, potty trained the puppy, started a dance studio, took some pictures, grew peas and carrots, trained for a marathon, read some books, learned to knit, camped... a lot! Saw the Eiffel tower, re-modeled a house, stood on the Swiss alps, ate gelato in Italy, almost ordered horse stake in Belgium, did a cartwheel on the grass of Buckingham Palace, saw the real Disney castle in Germany.
And then grew a baby. Which just so happens to be the best thing we have ever done!

Come, sit, stay a while. I dont bake cookies, but I can offer you a Crystal Light packet!

My name is Cody and I like to play over at Yeah, That's Macho and Tough. Over there my sugar daddy, fur babies, and I love photography, crafts, freebies, giveaways and fashion. It is a good time (for realzies) even though sometimes life can get the best of us. I also create jewelry for C(dot) Design. The jewelry is an amazing replica life, showing both the rough and tumble, as well as the classy and beautiful.

Stop by and say hello! I would love to have you!

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  1. You've got a bunch of lovely people here! =) They all are amazing.

    ♥ thebookness.blogspot.com

  2. i love that you do this (i may have told you that before)...i just love finding new blogs/bloggers on here--thanks for sharing!