in her shoes - a feature with caldwell co.

good morning lovelies!  i'm happy to share a new in her shoes feature with you all today.  meet stephanie of caldwell co.

thank you stephanie for sharing a day in your shoes!! 

what motivates you to get your day started?

 It really depends on the day but usually my daughter. She patters her feet into my room and crawls into my side of the bed every morning. If I’m lucky I can get her to snuggle for 30 minutes or so but sometimes she demands breakfast instead. Lots of days I can convince/trick my husband to get up and I can sneak an extra hour of sleep. (he’s such a great man!) Once I’m awake I usually eat breakfast, tidy the kitchen and have some tea or coffee.

what part of your day do you most look forward to and why?

If it’s nice outdoors, I look forward to getting outside and sitting in the sun or walking across the street to the playground with Louella. We love nature so we really look forward to any time we can spend outside. I feel like time outdoors is just good for my spirit. If it’s not warm and sunny then I look forward to Louella’s naptime. That’s my time to read blogs, chat with friends, update my flickr and blog & click around on the internet. I enjoy these couple hours I get each day. Blogging and catching up with my blog friends is very rewarding and brings me a lot of happiness.

what do you like most about where you live?
We’re from Michigan. I really love living in this state. It’s way more beautiful than people give it credit for. We are only a few hours drive from Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Every summer we try to take a trip to the upper peninsula, which is filled with forests, rivers, beaches, hiking trails, camping spots and sweet little art towns.

We just moved into the city of Flint a few months ago and we live across the street from a park. I really love our location. We’re a couple minutes from downtown but also only a 20-30 minute drive from the country. There’s a lot of cute little places here…hole in the wall restaurants, coffee shops, lots of parks, fishing ponds, bike trails, thrift shops, farmers markets, festivals, u-pick farms and such. The city of Flint was actually named the number one most dangerous city in America, has a poverty rate of 32% and an unemployment rate of 11%. But it was also named one of the 11 cities in America making a comeback in 2011! There are a lot of abandoned buildings and homes but honestly it’s a nice place and I’ve lived in this area my whole life. I love it here.

what part of your day is the most difficult and what do you do to overcome that?
My daughters bedtime is definitely the hardest part of the day. I sometimes let her stay up too late because we lose track of time playing or working on things around the house. So then she’s grouchy and it takes a lot of work and patience to get her to bed. My husband goes to work in the afternoon and works late into the evening so he’s usually not home at bedtime. I don’t look forward to getting a grumpy little girl ready and into bed by myself. But it’s usually my own fault. I need to be better about having a consistent bedtime for her.

what do you love most about yourself today?
I love that I get to be a wife and a stay at home mom. I love that I am confident in who I am, what I’m doing with my life, what I like and don’t & what I want. And I’m excited about the plans I have for the future, about seeing my dreams and goals starting to take shape & about who I still get to become in my life.

Please come visit me at my blog Caldwell Co. and say hello! And thank you Lindsay for having me share a little bit about a day in my shoes on your blog!


  1. Great interview!

  2. I've heard great things about Flint despite the economic recession. Glad to hear it's making a come back. As for little ones keeping us motivated, I'm with you there. Mine like to keep me on my toes. If only they still took naps.

  3. love this blog so glad i found you :)