i love a good margarita from chili's!

are you guys a fan of the margarita's over at chili's?  my hubs and i made a pit stop over there this evening...it was toasty outside today so a margarita sounded amazing!

chili's is hosting a promotion called margarita madness and has a fun sweepstakes going on.  you can upload a photo of you, friends, family here for a chance to win a few prizes!   i myself uploaded that ridiculous photo of me with the smiling orange slice!  hubs said i look pretty...i think he's lying ;)

a winner will be drawn randomly every day and will receive a $20 chili's gift card.  the super duper grand prize is a fabulous 4-day/3-night all inclusive vacation package to either the bahamas, dominican republic or jamaica.  one winner will be selected for this on 4/30, 5/30 and 6/30.  all i can say is, if a picture like the one of me up top doesn't win i don't know what will...haha, yeah right!!

if you want to join in in the fun click the pretty picture below for more details!!


  1. I looove margaritas! With lots of salt! Thanks for passing this on, wish I was close to a Chili's!

  2. I'd say you like 2 good margaritas, lol. Fun, wish we had one in town!

    You do look pretty with an orange in your mouth. I don't think many could say that, really!


  3. hahahaha I heart you, that pic is fabulous!!!

  4. new follower here and I LOVE CHILIS!!!!! Hugs!! xoxo

  5. I have never tried their margarita's! But now that I know about the Margarita Madness, maybe I should try it out :) They look SO good! How can you turn down a nice cold drink in the hot summer?!

  6. These look great! Oh I love margaritas! Found you at the Wednesday Blog Hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :).


  7. Love the pictures! Y'all are so cute! Good luck with the contest! So happy I found your blog; am now a new follower!

  8. YUM! Cute picture of you with the orange in your mouth :)

  9. i have been sober for almost a year now, but looking at your margarita makes me want one now! :) my favorite margarita is the ultimate strawberry from TGIFriday's. it's so good! :) that's where i got my blog's name afterall.

    take care!

    much love,