free spirit collection - scenic glory shop sneak peak

are you guys sick of the scenic glory shop sneak peaks yet?  i hope not...tomorrow is photo shoot day and i can not wait (i'm pretty sure there will be a few more sneak peaks before the 14th!).

here are a few shots of the hair extension clips that are part of the free spirit collection.  i've been wearing these things like crazy the last few weeks and i simply adore them...i hope you will too!!

hope you all are having a magical day!  also if you missed the tree of life necklace giveaway i posted earlier today be sure to stop by and check it out here...you'll love it! XO, lindsay


  1. Lindsay those look awesome!


  2. Hi hun.. my blog is back to original name and space. Wanted to let you know.

    And btw your creations are amazing. Wishing!

  3. Love the pictures! Can't wait to see more!

  4. I can't wait to buy one!!!! eeeek! :)