blissful sundrops by victoria hughes

good morning!!  i am super excited to share some beautiful items that my dear friend victoria from garden of eden designs has created!  not too long ago she launched her new full line collection called blissful sundrops.

you can check out her full collection here but before you go...i want to share a new adventure she is on as well...painting beautiful things!  here is a peak at her latest creation, light as a feather.

while you're at it, stop by her other shop painted blooms!!  her work is truly stunning and honestly i think she is my design twin!!!

hope you all have a magical day!! XO lindsay


  1. Wow! I love the necklaces! They look so beautiful hanging on the line. And her paintings are so eye-popping! Thanks for sharing her work. Your blog is awesome, by the way!

  2. i love her collection... it looks proper amazing. :)

  3. i NEED one of those paintings! love them! and the jewelry. all inspiring!

  4. What an adorable collection. Her artwork is beautiful too.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)