road trip - visiting naples florida with frecks

well hello there pretty people. i'm victoria, also known as vic from frecks. You can call me any of those! I love where we currently live {minus the family being so far} in Naples, FL. it's a mixture of everyday sunshine and wildlife with a tint of swamp ass but the overall beauty defeats that portion of it!
we live on a gulf course in an amazing community! it has everything you need including a monstrous club house, tennis courts, gorgeous swimming pools, long bike trails, a neighbor with a backyard beach {where we sneak in sometimes}, a full blown GATOR alley, breathtaking water views and woods filled with bears, deer and so much wildlife it's unbelievable.
our third floor condo gives us the views we enjoy and the access to stretching my legs over the railings while playing with palm trees. yes, i'm such a kid! home of the woodpecker state....these gorgeous fella's make the most beautiful sounds {yes, i enjoy them sooooo very much} -
we live minutes from the most awesome beaches...if you have never been, it's a very high class getaway. snow birds come down every year to enjoy the warm lifestyle. it's a very fast paced life for us right now but my husband has a very good job and this is where our road leads at the moment.
we enjoy the outdoor life completely! i take so many photographs it's nearly impossible to share each day. i wish sometimes everyone could live with me in this city-we'd sip wine and enjoy the pool side chats.
5th avenue is known for great cafes, food and good shopping. they also have amazing art shows as well as soothing music. the scenes and company is just fabulous! maybe, just maybe you can meet me here and we can have a cappuccino, catch up on some chats and go shopping!
i enjoyed sharing my world with you today...you can get more here on frecks and i'd love to see your neck of the woods


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  2. Sigh, Florida...oh to be warm again! Love these!

  3. Just found this blog, and I will be heading over to frecks momentarily! Anyone who uses "swamp ass" in a post is my kind of blogger!
    What gorgeous pics...the hubs and I would love to move to Florida someday!

  4. Oh, wow! It looks amazing there! Would love to come and visit one day! Living near to the beach - awesome! xxx

  5. How funny...My Dad has a condo in Heritage Bay. We will be visiting there this week! I can't wait..love it there. it's so beautiful.

  6. Katie----SHUT up! I live in Heritage Bay.....visiting the club house? Let's MEET woman! xoxox

  7. I'd love to live in that kind of environment.. minus the swamp ass haha

  8. oh i've been there for a client before!! it's a cute little town!!