road trip - visiting Malta with Gertrude

Hello Scenic Glory readers!  I'm Gertrude from Bows and Pearls. While Lindsay is enjoying a road-trip with her husband, I am here to tell you about where I live.

First of all, I live in Malta, which is a very small country situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an archipelago made up of three main islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) and a couple of very small inhabited ones. Together they only cover approx. 300 km² and the population is approx. 400,000. 

By these values you can imagine the small population that our 'cities' have. I live in a village called Siggiewi which has a population of only about 9,000. It is rather an old village, and we don't really have any entertainment places here. Enough babbling, here are a few pictures of some beautiful parts in Siggiewi:

Siggiewi is located on a plateau, this picture was taken from one of the higher areas.

The area surrounding the church is the older part of the village. It has lots of these narrow roads and antique houses as pictured below. People used to build their homes near the church as they felt safer.

This part gains a lot of attraction in Summer. I usually go swimming with my family near that cave on the right
This is a zone in Siggiewi called Buskett, which is like a small forest. It's the perfect place for picnics :)
This picture was taken from Buskett. The Verdala Palace (in the top part of the picture) is the summer residence of our president.

I hope you enjoyed reading about where I live! Lots of love to all of you from Malta :) 


  1. What a wonderful feature! I would lvoe to go to Malta one day! What a beautiful island!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Aaaw, me too! We're going together, yes? I'd love to visit my friend Gertrude... Thanks for sharing that... :)

    Here's to a hapyp roadtrip!!


  3. Malta looks like a dream!! I love the idea of there being little villages that make up such a beautiful country :) LOVE all the architecture...and it's by the Mediterranean Sea...how fantastic :) Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos Gertrude!

  4. What a gorgeous place you live! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

  5. What beautiful photographs- Malta is now on my must travel too list.

    I love the contrast of the simple home architecture against that of the church, both are gorgeous, but in very different ways!

    Great post!