inspired by henna

images found on we heart it

hello lovelies.  i thought i would share a few images today of my recent inspiration...henna!  i think the detail and time that goes into these amazing designs is absolutely incredible.  i am so inspired by the creativity and ethnic look of henna that i am incorporating it into the packaging of items for the scenic glory shop!  eek can't wait to share!

only a few more weeks and the shop will be open...i can't believe it!  hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend! xo, lindsay


  1. im in love with henna! i'm so excited to see your shop :)

  2. I love henna! My friends and I ordered some a few months ago and attempted it, I think it is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see your shop!

  3. Gorgeous! I had henna done a few years ago and absolutely loved it.

  4. henna is just gorgeous! I love it on pregnant women, if your preggies for summer i suggest it!

  5. The detailing is so amazing! I had a friend in high school that did henna! I looooved it! :)