our wedding story - part V - the party

we wanted the food menu to go along with our theme and matthew and i thought, who doesn't love fair food? all of our food was served in the red and white checkered paper boats and the menu consisted of:

chicken and shrimp on a stick
veggies on a stick
hot dogs
potato salad & cole-slaw
homemade apple pie and ice cream
cake (of course)
salt water taffy 
old fashioned bottled sodas
lemonade (with candy striped straws and mason jars of course!)
and my favorite FUNNEL CAKES

needless to say our guests did not leave hungry!!  after dinner and toasts, matthew and i had our unforgettable first dance!

we're smiling because we're happy, but we're also smiling because absolutely NO ONE knew what was about to happen!  matthew and i began our dance with the sweet song, stand by me.  45 seconds into the song, the record scratched went silent and suddenly...

it was the beginning of our own evolution of dance.  here we are getting ready with michael jackson's billie jean.  i love how you can see our guests reaction here.

we used all of the fun songs...thriller, ymca, what is love, etc...my favorite is that we closed it out with adam sandler's i want to grow old with you :)  it was definitely a very memorable part of the day and a great way to kick off the dancing!  a few people captured this on video...we're still waiting to get it, but i promise once i do i'll be sharing it here!


  1. you look absolutely STUNNING! even when youre dancing around all silly with your hubby :) i love it!!

  2. aww so sweet! I wish I could dance!! ha

  3. Love this!

    My wedding is at the end of the month, and we are doing something different, a video game inspired reception. It would be cool if the food could match our theme, but I'm not a fan of mushrooms and that's just about the only food in Super Mario Bros. But our song is totally Mario (Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart).

    My dad and I are doing a mash up of songs like you did for your first dance. It'll be interesting because neither of us are dancers, but I think it will be so much fun.

  4. what a lovely party! You and your wedding are just beautiful! :)

  5. Oh man, what a beautiful wedding!!! Goodness, just from the pictures I'm jealous I wasn't there! Fun! And that circular dance floor?! Genius. And the food menu, what a perfect combination.... Such sweet memories, I'm sure!! ::suspenders=love, wish I could've convinced the hubby on that one:: Thanks for sharing a bit of your special day!!! You were a gorgeous bride! xoxo

  6. I always loved watching the evolution of dance on Youtube! I really liked how you organised your wedding. It's so different from what happens in Malta. You look beautiful!

  7. that is so special x wow x <3
    x b e a u l a x


  8. girl every time i read you blog, it's like a flash of me. i mean clearly i'm a little behind because i'm still single and am no where near getting married (that i know of haha) but i have always joked that when i get married my first dance would start out slow and then bust out into something fast... or the dirty dancing song so i could do that run and jump hahaha

  9. this gave me a lump in my throat... mainly because you ended with "i want to grow old with you".. i have ALWAYS wanted to incorporate that song into my wedding... seeing someone else do it, too just warms my heart!

    is there anything more perfect to end such a dance scene with.
    wow. haha just wow.

    in utah, i swear people don't dance here. it's not.. oh comfortable. which is kind of sad, i think... but then again, i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it either :P {i may be overgeneralizing but i really don't think i am}

    i'm just. in awe. i would have never thought to use that song.

  11. LOVED the dancing pics!! What a fabulous, fun, sweet memory! :) And I may or may not be drooling after reading that menu and seeing the pic of that HOMEMADE apple pie...al'a mode nonetheless! :)

    excited to see part II!

  12. Haha - your first dance was AWESOME! Especially ending it with "I Want to Grow Old With You" - LOVE that song and the movie it's from!

    I've rarely been to the fair, but the menu looks like you did your research by going to one (which you probably did :P).

    I like the pinwheel centerpieces - so creative!

    I don't know if you're gonna show them in the next post, but what were the individual guest gifts? I know a lot of couples have bags of jordan almonds (well, they up until the 90s) or boxes of chocolate or something else. At a wedding I went to last December, the couple had wine stoppers with their initials on the top at each person's place. I'm just curious because I know yours had to be creative and unique and meaningful. Everything you do is :)

  13. Fair food? Please lets rewind and be best friends so I can come to your wedding! Every post has me totally blown away! And the dance? Holy cow, can't wait to see that video!

  14. ahhhhhhmazing! breathtaking and gorgeous all wrapped into one:) xo

  15. I love every single bit of it! Wonderful!! xxx

  16. Really pretty photos. Get so inspired for my own wedding =)

    ♥ Love,

  17. so funny! perfect! me and dad are planning something like that for our dance Im super excited!
    cant wait to here more!

  18. LOVE the first dance!!! HOW FUN are you guys!!! And the food sounds delish!!! :)

  19. I am LOVING this party! Looks like it was so much fun and everyone is so happy! There is so much love filled in these photos and it makes me hopeful for myself in the future. Beautiful photos and again, you are drop dead gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing these with us =) x

  20. You make me want to get married again to my husband. I heart weddings.

  21. you guys are way too fun!! i love weddings that know how to throw down a good time, and aren't too stuffy. i love it!

  22. Ok I am so obsessed with your wedding story it's mad. I am so jealous that I didn't get to party on down with you guys because this looks amazing!!

  23. OMGoodness!!!!! You are the cutest person on the interwebs -- how did I only just NOW find you?!?!

  24. Oh my yum! That food sounds so fun and delicious!! You are right...who doesn't like fair food?? And the dancing sounds awesome can't wait to see the video. That last photo of you is so so pretty

  25. Your venue is SO cool! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland in a way :) And you look so beautiful!