What motivates you to get your day started?
- Our 10 month old daughter definitely motivates me to get my day started! No matter if she makes up crying or making silly sounds, the second that contagious little smile spreads across her cheeks once she see's me just melts my heart.

What part of your day do you look forward to and why?

- I think I most look forward to the evenings right now because it's just that calm that sweeps over the whole house, our daughter gets in this little cuddle mode, and the mister and I finally get to have some time to ourselves.

What do you like most about where you live?
- I like how nice it is to raise our family in such a safe small town. There isn't a whole lot to do around here business wise, but we do love the fact that were walking distance away from a great trail to venture onto daily in the warmer months.

What part of you're day is most difficult and what do you do to overcome it?
- Our days are pretty easy and laid back, unless little miss has a hard time teething (she has 8 full teeth and a few other possible candidates) or can't seem to nap then things can get frustrating. It's definitely difficult for me to watch her her be in any kind of discomfort. So I just have to step back and take a deep breathe for a moment and try to soothe her the best way I can.

What do you love most about yourself today?
- I love that I gave myself a half hour to myself to work out since I, like many other mothers get caught up in taking care of children that we seem to forget about ourselves. I felt much more energized and ready to take on the new day with open arms!

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