the line up - what i will be wearing the next 30 days!

floral top - thrifted, cream ruffled button up - buckle, cream lace and cotton cardigan - buckle, red and cream striped cardigan - charlotte russe, cream long sleeved button up - buckle, blue and white striped button up - charlotte russe

tan dress - charlotte russe, black turtleneck dress - kohls, green button up dress - target, grey metal studded dress - charlotte russe

green military button jacket - buckle, cream zip up jacket - buckle, black short sleeved puff jacket - kohls, floral jacket - charlotte russe

grey cuffed pants - NY&Co., brown dress pants - NY&Co., jeans - buckle

maroon skirt - von maur

green lace vest - free people

blue open front shirt - charlotte russe, grey short sleeve (can hardly see it!) - buckle, blue and cream short sweater shirt - charlotte russe, cream short sleeve - charlotte russe, yellow tie die shirt - buckle, floral tank - kohls

black peep toe wedges - kohls, grey ankle boot - famous footwear, black and grey tweed heels - kohls, brown lace heels - buckle, yellow flower peep toe heels - famous footwear


so there it is...these will be the 30 items i'll be wearing for the next 30 days.  my first outfit will be posted later today :)  the lovely ladies beth of from the fitting room and victoria of garden of eden designs are doing the 30 for 30 remix as well.  we're all starting today!  stop on over and check out their looks too :)
wish me luck! xo, lindsay


  1. everythang is so freakin cute! fav ... the army green blaze/jacket & the dainty yellow shoes ... all the blouses & button ups are just dArliNg * * I need u to be my personal shopper ... someday I'll have time to play again :D

  2. You have SUPER cute clothes!! I bet you can pull off all kinds of fun outfits with these!!! :) Good luck!

  3. Can't wait to see your creativity!

  4. Good luck! I am towards the tail end of my own 30 for 30 challenge and think you have the right idea with more dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets and vests than pants--if I could pick my clothes over again for the challenge, I would have way less skirts and pants :)

  5. How fun! Can't wait to see all the outfits!

  6. I can't wait to see how you put those together...everything is so cute, love the yellow pumps!

  7. I am so excited to see how everything pairs up! It's gong to be so much fun!

  8. uhhhh.. i want all your clothes ;)

  9. i actually use a program called blender to do my albums - but i'm going to start doing more pretty designs with photoshop....especially after seeing all your beautiful album artwork!

    my email is twohappyheartsclub@yahoo.com :D

  10. I love all your clothes that you picked and look forward to seeing all your lovely outfits. I am planning on doing this 30 for 30 very, very soon too!!! :0)

  11. What a rockin' line up you've got there!! Can't wait to see your remixes. :]

    Also, that vest!!!!
    Perfect! :]