in her shoes - a feature with a tale of two taylors (and their tot)

happy wednesday friends!  i have a few in her shoes features to share with you all today.  first up is the gorgeous ashley of a tale of two taylors and their tot!  here is a day in her shoes!

what motivates you to get your day started?

Having a baby means I haven't slept a full night since the day before he was born. So, mornings are always hard to come by! BUT... there's nothing quite as motivating to get up and going as sweet little chubby cheeks, bright eyes looking into your own, and a smile that's brighter than the sunshine pouring through the windows to get me out of bed! ...And of course, an oversized mug full of coffee!


what part of your day do you look forward to the most and why?

There are two parts I look forward to most, actually. I love when my husband gets home from work. Watching my boys play and laugh while I cook dinner is a great feeling. And although I love my little guy, my other favorite part of the day is when he goes to bed and the hubs and I can be who we are outside of the parent role! We can snuggle, watch TV, play board games, and most importantly have a conversation that's not in our goo-ey baby voices. ;)


what do you like most about where you live?

We are born and bred Oklahomans and although our dream is to leave this place and start a new, unknown chapter elsewhere, there's much to love about home. The one thing I love most about Oklahoma and would miss more than anything is our amazing sunsets. They're truly breathtaking and always in these beautiful shades purple (or leave the sky looking like it's on fire!). There's nothing quite like that natural beauty. If you're ever driving through Oklahoma, be sure to time your journey at dusk - you won't be sorry!

what part of your day do you find most difficult and what do you do to overcome that?

My day is hardest when the baby refuses to sleep, the dishes are stacked up for days, the dryer is buzzing at me to tell me it's done drying, and my husband is calling to tell me he'll be home late. It's on those days (which come more frequently than I may desire) I have remind myself that being a Momma is what matters most in that moment. So, I take the little guy to bed and we snuggle up for a nap. That's the motivation I need to get through the hard stuff and get on with tackling the mundane and difficult parts of my day!

what do you love most about yourself today?

Today I love that I'm finding myself in each of my identities! I'm a wife and a Mom and I'm myself. When my son was born, it was so hard to find the balance of each role and it was so easy to neglect the husband to serve the baby or to forget about myself to meet their needs perfectly. It sounds crazy, but it happens and it's been tough to overcome, but in the passing months, I've figured out how to do it all. ...Not perfectly by any means, but I manage and I like each part of who I am now. I've found my balance; my zen, if you will. I love that I'm a wife, Mom, and myself and that I'm doing my darnest to be the best I can be at each.



thank you ashley for sharing your shoes with us!  head on over to her blog and send your love!  be back in a bit!  happy day! XO, lindsay


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  2. Great in her shoes feature! Oh, I remember those messy carrot faces...Leonie always had to sneeze with a mouth ful of carrots....ugh! So cute!! Heading over right now!

  3. Deleted the other one because I realized I accidentally spelled your name wrong. Eek! Thanks, Lindsay! I had so much fun! :)

  4. hahah that baby is adorable!! Look at that face!

  5. what a sweet post! Loved reading about Ashley :) and what a little stud muffin she has! ;)

  6. What a cute post! I love those babies!

  7. wonderful photos :) you have a great blog!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  8. Hi there, nice to meet you. What a wonderful blog and great post from Ashley, love the pic of the messy face - priceless!