i ♥ design - a snapshot of something new

hello lovelies!  as most of you know i recently started working at home part time to focus attention on my design business.  i have created many new blog designs that i will be sharing with you soon, but for today i thought i would share something a little different.

one of my design jobs is working for a photographer corey rourke who was also our wedding photographer.  i create wedding album designs, but have recently began designing for promotional pieces.  the first being high school senior mailers.  below is my newest creation...the front and back of the mailer.

photo taken by corey rourke

you probably recognize some of the elements i used in this design. i adore these flower graphics and have been using them more frequently in some of my recent posts!

if you are in need of design work of any type (blog design, print design, logo, etc.) feel free to contact me scenicglory{at}gmail{dot}com. i have a growing portfolio and plenty of references to share.  hope you all are having a fabulous day! xo, lindsay


  1. Dear Lindsay.
    You really are bautifully talented.
    Love you tonnes,

  2. I heart you so!!! You are so very talented gorgeous!

    Hope you are having a beautiful week.


  3. This is really beautiful!!!You are sooo talented!!!I missed you and your work a lot!!!


  4. Looks good! I love all the color.

  5. You've done an AMAZING job! I really need to learn how to do graphic design. It must be awesome! I'm jealous!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. Lindsay, that looks amazing! I love it! You've got skills girl!

  7. That looks great! I used to be a little OK at desiging things and now haven't done it in so long. I bet it's a great job!!!

  8. lindsay, you continue to AMAZE me! I wish we lived closer so you can teach me all your sweets creative skills. i adore it all. I'm so proud of you!! :)

  9. Wonderful, Linds! You are so talented and have such an eye for beauty...amazing! Hugs xxx

  10. where did you get the flower graphics?

    these cards are SO CUTE. if I were a senior in high school i would totally want to use the person that sent me these cards!

  11. This is just gorgeous!! Love! xo