create something project - week 7 - up up and away (doll house)

hello lovelies!  it's week 7 of the create something project.  be sure to stop by the garden of eden designs and my best friend jules to see what they created!

sadly i was not able to create anything special for this week aside from blog designs and wedding albums, but i'm not quite ready to show these things just yet :) but i do have an exciting project that i plan to work on any chance i get.

these last few days i have helped my parents get together some of their things for their move to tennessee.  we came across this beautiful doll house that my grandpa made for me when i was just a little girl...

i plan to repaint it and add some cute furniture, maybe even wallpaper.  AND there is a cute chimney on top so possibly i will add some "balloons" and make my own little UP house!  kind of like the gingerbread house we made over the holidays.  i will keep you posted on progress!

so what did you create this week?  link up below and share your creations...we can't wait to see!

XO, lindsay


  1. Oh, it's lovely! I had one as a kid and loved it! Unfortunately my Mom gave it to my cousin and I never got it back!
    Can't wait to see what you will do with it! Hugs xxx

  2. What a pretty dollhouse! I wish I had had one, but all my dolls were 18" and wouldn't have fit in one that's the same size as yours. Can't wait to see the UP! balloons!

  3. I love the doll house and your plans for it. A little UP house would be so amazing! I hope you had a great weekend Linds! xo

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE your idea of making an UP house...so cute! My hubby is a balloon artist on the side so we loved that movie:)
    I linked up but didnt know if there was a button I should share on my blog post for the link up???

  5. Holy freakin' cow that is amazing.
    Your Grandpa MADE it. That's so mad! He's so talented!

  6. That is just crazy! My aunts are cleaning out my grandparents house to get it ready for sale and they found an old victorian doll house that Grandpa had bought for Grandma. They asked if I wanted if for Jilli-bean. We will be working on one too...when we get it that is!