in her shoes - a feature with all kinds of complicated

good afternoon friends...i can't believe how quickly this day has just passed on by ♥ bringing you another lovely ladies shoes today...meet kai of all kinds of complicated she is all kinds of awesome...seriously she is adorbs...i think you all will love her just as much as i do!

what motivates you to get your day started?

Nothing motivates me more than the beautiful, amazing rush that is caffeine. I just got this perfect little Keurig Single Cup coffee maker for Christmas, and it is a serious life-saver.

I do some kind of rolling maneuver out of bed in the morning, arms and feet dragging like they are made out of lead. If anyone were to see me at this stage, I have no doubt they would think I was a zombie-like creature of some sort. Then, I grab my coffee in between my two freezing hands, breathe in the rich fresh coffee smell, take that first sip and I am ready to face the day!

what part of your day do you most look forward to and why?

My boyfriend Nick and I try to cook meals together, because it is healthier (sometimes) and a good bonding experience. Although, I am not much of a cook, so I kind of just stand there and watch him do his thing. Anyways, nothing makes me smile quite as much as sitting across from my love, eating a home cooked meal. I even do a happy dance in my chair when I am eating especially good food. (which I wasn't aware of until someone pointed it out recently).

So, when I am sitting at work, watching the clock tick by ever so slowly, I can't wait to get into the kitchen with my man and whip up some delicious concoction!

what do you like most about where you live?

There are way to many great things about living San Diego that I love. I would say that my favorite thing about the city is that it is a big city, without a big city vibe. Instead, there are lots of little party of San Diego, that are all unique and equally fun to explore. No matter what your mood, whether it be lounging on the beach or shopping up a storm, there is a place in San Diego for you. Anywhere from La Jolla to Hillcrest, there is adventures to be had! Geez, they should pay me for all this promotion!

what part of your day is the most difficult and what do you do to overcome that?

I would say that going to the gym after I get off work is definitely the most difficult part of my day. I am someone who deeply enjoys my down-time, some might even call me lazy. Whatever the reason, after I get off work, all I want to do is flop onto the couch and zone out in front of my TV. Luckily, I have a personal trainer/motivator named Nick right there to tell me to suck it up and go! You might think this sounds harsh, but I think it sounds necessary, and I appreciate him for it.

what do you love most about yourself today?

I love that I am at work (don't worry I am on my lunch break), pushing myself to do well! This is the first time in my life I have had pressure to succeed, and I know I am not going to fail! I love that no one else is responsible for my success in my new career but me, it really is liberating. And, it doesn't hurt that I have to wear my cute glasses all day either. As long as I have bad eye sight, I might as well get some cute retro frames out of it right?


thank you kai for sharing your shoes miss.  stop on over and give her some love!  happy day friends! xoxo


  1. I love cooking dinner with my boyfriend, he on the otherhand isn't so keen on it, so I have to enjoy it when it happens - albeit sporadically!

  2. Very cute. I wish I cooked with my fiance. Probably be good practice! I love Kai, she's so cute :)

  3. Great feature, Kai! Wonderful! Loved reading it!

  4. Thank you Lindsay! I am so honored that you would feature me on your amazing blog :)

  5. Kai sounds like a sweetheart. Loved how she talked about enjoying a home cooked meal with her love :) And isn't it the best when our men cook!?? :) And I love me some coach-potato time too...props for getting gym time in! good for the body and the mind :)